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By Bob Tate

Hearth & Home Pipe Tobacco Tin

The pouch aroma has that lovely sweet and tart smell that accompanies a lot of VA/PER blends. I love this smell. The moisture content is perfect for smoking without any drying time. The tobacco is a little chunky and I rubbed it out a little.

I used a two step packing method to load the bowl and proceeded with the charring light. I was greeted by a very nice sweet tobacco taste. I finished lighting the bowl and settled in for the smoke. There is a pure tobacco taste with a natural sweetness. At the mid-bowl point, this seems more of a VA blend to me than a VA/PER blend.

It is very nice with some sweetness, but I haven’t really picked up on much of the Perique. Maybe they used just a small enough amount of it to keep the blend from biting because this blend is not biting me at all. I even pushed it a bit and still no bite. Around the last 1/4 of the bowl, I started to pick up on a very slight amount of pepperiness from the Perique. There was not a lot of it, but it was noticeable. It has a nice sweet finish.

This is another really good blend from Russ Ouellette and Pipesandcigars.com. It is very light on the Perique and is almost a straight Virginia, in my opinion. If you like a VA/PER that is light on Perique, you should love this blend. Even if you like Perique, I think you will still love this blend. I will definitely be smoking more of it.
I Highly Recommended it!

Hearth & Home LJ Heart Virginia Pipe Tobacco

Brand: Hearth & Home
Blend: LJ Heart Virginia
Description: Lannes Johnson makes some of the coolest and driest smoking pipes around, but he’s as particular about tobacco as he is about his craftsmanship. When he wanted a Virginia tobacco blend to send as a sample to his pipe customers, he had a certain idea in mind. So we considered it a real challenge to develop this mixture. It had to be sweet, but not too much. It had to have a little tang, but without sharpness or bite, and it needed to smoke coolly. To this end, we combined 3 different types of red Virginia with a whisper of St. James Perique to get your “Heart” started.
Country: USA
Cut: Ribbon
Tobaccos: Virginia, Perique
Taste: Straight tobacco with a slight natural sweetness, very slight pepper at the end
Room Note: Pleasant to Tolerable

Hearth & Home LJ Heart Virginia – Click Here to Order Now!


Hearth & Home LJ Heart Virginia – Click Here to Order Now!


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