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By Bob Tate


Note: This review is from bulk tobacco. I have not tried the tinned version, so I can not compare the differences, if any, between the two.

The tin aroma of this blend is very intriguing and pleasant. I am picking up on the rum, licorice, and vanilla as well as the sweet tang from the Virginias. It is a little on the moist side and could use a little drying time. This tobacco comes in a broken flake style (Fig. 1), and needs very little effort in rubbing out (Fig. 2).

After rubbing out some of the tobacco, I gravity filled my pipe and prepared for the charring light. I am greeted by a pleasant and almost indescribable smell. As far as the taste on the charring light, there is that unmistakable Lakeland taste. A lot of people hate it, but I love the Lakeland taste and aroma. It had a very pleasant room note and the taste was very nice as well. I settled in for an enjoyable smoke.

I have barely started the bowl and I am already enjoying it very much. This is one of my favorite blends. To tell the truth, there are not very many tobacco blends offered by Gawith, Hoggarth, & Co. (GH or G&H) and Samuel Gawith (SG) that I do not enjoy and most of them are in my favorites. This blend can burn a little hot, so take care to smoke it slow and sip on the pipe to avoid any bite. The flavor and aroma is very pleasing and relaxing. I did not pick up on much of the rum, licorice, or vanilla flavors by themselves. They are more of a combined flavor, meaning that they all joined together to create one taste. It is a very good taste, every once in awhile though; I do pick up on the rum taste by itself. This blend is pretty sweet tasting but not overly cloying on the palate. And it is not overly flavored either, you can still taste the tobaccos in this blend.

If you are the type of person that hates the Lakeland essence, you will definitely not like this blend at all. However, if you do like the Lakeland essence, which I do, I Highly Recommend that you try this blend.

rum-flake-001 rum-flake-002

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Brand: Gawith, Hoggarth & Co.
Blend: Rum Flake
Description from their website: This sweet rich flake combines the natural sweetness of sun cured tobaccos, with fully ripe Virginias and Burleys. The casings and top flavours include rum, licorice and vanilla, all of which contribute towards providing a notably satisfying smoke.
Country: UK
Cure: Sun Cured, Air Cured
Cut: Broken Flake
Tobaccos: Virginia, Burley
Packaging: Tin & Bulk
Strength: Mild to Medium
Taste: Sweet, Lakeland Essence, Pleasing, A Little Rum
Room Note: Pleasant

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