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By Bob Tate


The tin aroma of this blend is slightly sweet and very tangy with a hint of plums. There is also a note of, what I can only describe as, darkness to the blend. There is a very small amount of Latakia in it (I think that it is 2%) and you really have to search for the aroma of it. At first I didn’t pick it up, I had to keep smelling it and I finally picked up on a very, very faint hint of it. The tanginess of the aroma starts my mouth to watering and I love when a VA/Per blend does that.

I have had this tobacco opened for quite some time and I can not recall what the moisture level was when I received it. The tobacco that I am smoking is dried out pretty good, but I like my tobacco on the drier side. I grabbed a few of the broken flakes and fully rubbed them out. I loaded up my pipe and proceeded to the charring light. On the charring light, there was a nice straight forward tobacco taste with some very nice sweetness to it. The room note was nice and sweet. I did not detect any Latakia in the taste or the aroma. I finished lighting the pipe and settled in for the smoke.

At the beginning, the sweetness from the Virginias jumped right up and took center stage. It was accompanied by a light spice. I have only taken a few puffs, but already this is a very tasty blend. There is a light sharpness on the palate that is pleasing. It is not the tobacco biting, but something different. The smoke of this blend is also a little fuller than most other VA/Per blends that I have smoked. That might be due to the small amount of Latakia in this blend, which by the way, I still do not taste or smell.

As the bowl progressed, the spice slowly moved to the forefront and by the 3/4 bowl point, the spiciness was the star while the sweetness moved into the background. The sweetness never departed, but it was just light enough to break up some of the spice. Around mid-bowl, I picked up on some very light hints of plum tartness. It is not fruity at all, but matched more of the tin aroma. It is a little hard to explain, but those that often smoke blend containing Perique will know what I mean. The hints of plum did not last very long and went away so quickly that by the end of the bowl, I almost forgot that they were there at all. By the 1/4 mark, the sweetness started moving back in and became more pronounced again. From this point on, until the end of the bowl, the spiciness and the sweetness played evenly in perfect harmony.

Fillmore is an excellent blend and I love it! It burned slow, cool, dry, and didn’t bite. It has a great flavor profile that keeps you interested by changing throughout the bowl. The finish is very pleasing and leaves a nice, clean sweetness on the palate. The smoke is very full and creamy. Don’t let the mention of Latakia put you off; it was added to perfection. I did not taste or smell any hint of it at all during the smoke. It did its job great by making the smoke fuller without changing this blend from a true VA/Per. If you like VA/Per blends, I think that you will love Fillmore. This blend will be a staple in my rotation and I Highly Recommend it!

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Brand: G.L. Pease
Blend: Fillmore
Description: A thick-sliced broken flake in the Scottish tradition. Ripe red Virginia tobaccos are combined with a generous measure of fine Louisiana perique, and then pressed to marry the components and deepen the flavors. The cakes are sliced and gently broken before tinning. Fillmore presents an elegant sweetness and delightful piquancy, enhanced by a creamy richness that develops throughout the bowl. Sit back, and enjoy a lovely, leisurely smoke.
Country: US
Cut: Broken Flake
Tobaccos: Virginia, Perique, Latakia
Strength: Medium-Full
Taste: Tobacco, Sweetness, Spice
Room Note: Pleasant

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G.L. Pease Fillmore – Click Here to Order Now!


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