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By Bob Tate


This is a blend that I have smoked in both the tinned and bulk versions. Both of them are exactly the same. The moisture content is perfect for smoking right out of the tin or pouch. The tin aroma is very nice. There is a nice sweet real vanilla smell and I think I picked up on a hint of chocolate as well. I do not pick up on any honeydew in the aroma. What I mean by a real vanilla smell is; the vanilla is like vanilla bean or a high quality vanilla extract, not a chemical vanilla smell that is associated with the cheaper tobacco blends.

I filled the pipe using my two step method and proceeded with the charring light. On the charring light, I am greeted by a sweet vanilla taste and the aroma is a nice vanilla accompanied by a fleeting hint of toasted marshmallows. I settled in for the smoke.

Right from the start the vanilla taste jumped out. I could also tell that this is a sipping blend because if you’re not careful, it could bite. I expected this though because this blend is made up of all Virginia tobacco and has a flavoring. The good thing is that this blend supplies ample flavor so that you get plenty of flavor just from sipping it. By sipping my pipe, I am getting no bite.

This is one of the best vanilla aromatics that I have ever smoked. The vanilla flavor and aroma stayed with the smoke all the way through to the end. I never picked up on any honeydew flavor at all during the smoke, it was all vanilla. But that doesn’t bother me; it is still a very good smoke. It has high quality tobacco and high quality flavorings. It did not get bitter at all at the end of the bowl like a lot of aromatics do. It stayed nice and sweet and has a great room note. This is a very good blend and if you like aromatics, I Highly Recommend it!


Brand: Dan Tobacco
Blend: Sweet Vanilla Honeydew
Tin Description: A fine ready rubbed blend of selected bright and sweet Virginia leaf deliciously scented with smooth vanilla.
Country: Germany
Cure: Air Cured
Cut: Ready Rubbed
Tobaccos: Virginia
Packaging: 50g Tin and Bulk (8oz & 1lb pouches)
Strength: Mild to Medium
Taste: Sweet, Vanilla
Room Note: Very Pleasant

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