Dan Tobacco Re-Introduces Old CAO Blends


By Bob Tate

dtm-logoI have just found out that Dan Tobacco Manufacturing (DTM) has re-introduced the old CAO “U.S. Revolutionary Themed” pipe tobacco blends.

After speaking with Russ Ouellette from Pipesandcigars.com and Rich Gottlieb of 4noggins.com, I have received this information about the blends available from Dan Tobacco.

These are not old stock tins; they are new stock tins that are being manufactured and are now available for purchase. From what I have been told, they are the original tobacco blend recipes with the original tin art. The only thing that has changed is that they are no longer produced by Dan Tobacco for CAO International. They are produced by Dan Tobacco for Dan Tobacco. The blends became available about two weeks ago.


The “U.S. Revolutionary Themed” blends that have been re-introduced are:

Patriot Flake
Midnight Ride
Old Ironsides
Liberty *[Editors Note: I am not 100% sure if this particular blend has been re-introduced]

old-ironsides midnight-ride
patriot-flake independence


Dan Tobacco is still producing their other blends such as Hamborger Veermaster, Gordon Pym, The Malthouse, etc. They have not cut back production and they are producing the same amount of these blends as they always have. There is no shortage of these blends from Dan Tobacco. There might seem like a shortage because of the popularity of some of the blends.

In the case of the “Revolutionary Themed” blends, their re-introduction might spark a shortage because of the fans of these blends that have been waiting for them to make their appearance again. They may buy a lot of tins at one time forcing the blends to be out of stock at the retailers. Rest assured that they are being manufactured again and they will be available from Dan Tobacco.

These blends have recently been in stock at the following retailers:





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