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By Bob Tate


The pouch aroma of this blend is a nice sweet and smoky aroma with a very light tang. The moisture content is on the dry side, but I prefer my tobacco that way and consider it perfect for smoking right away. The cut of this blend is large and chunky. Because the blend is so large and chunky, and it is on the dry side, I suggest some extra care and time when loading the bowl. This blend doesn’t pack as easily as a lot of other blends. I loaded my pipe and proceeded to the charring light.

On the charring light, I was greeted by the smoky, woody, campfire like aroma of the Latakia. In the flavor department of the charring light, I tasted the smoky and lightly sweet taste of the Latakia. That was accompanied by a black coffee taste that had a nice, light bitterness to it. I finished lighting the tobacco and settled in for the smoke.

At the beginning, the flavor was sweet, smoky, and woody with hints of hay. There was a light nutty taste with a hint of sweetness on the finish. So far the flavor is very nice. By the 3/4 point of the bowl, the woodiness became a little more pronounced and the finish had switched to a more woody taste with a light coffee bitterness and the nutty taste faded almost completely away. In between the 3/4 mark and the mid-bowl point, there was some spiciness that showed up. It was a nice compliment to the woodiness. A little bit after the mid-bowl point, the spiciness started fading into the background but it never left completely. It just became subdued and would poke out a littler here and there.

This is a pretty good Latakia blend. It smoked slow, cool, dry, and didn’t bite. This blend also has some complexity to it and it didn’t get boring. This blend contains a lot of Latakia, so if you don’t like Latakia or you only like it in small amounts, you will probably not like this blend. But if you like a lot of Latakia in your blends, I think that you will enjoy Star of the East.
I Recommend it.

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Brand: Cornell & Diehl
Blend: #066 Star of the East
Description: One half Latakia with a generous portion of Turkish and sweetened with stoved red Virginia.
Country: US
Cut: Coarse Cut
Tobaccos: Virginia, Latakia, Turkish
Strength: Medium
Taste: Smoky, Woody, Slightly Sweet, Spice, Light Nuttiness, Light Bitterness
Room Note: Strong

Cornell & Diehl #066 Star of the East – Click Here to Order Now!


Cornell & Diehl #066 Star of the East – Click Here to Order Now!


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