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By Bob Tate

Capt. Earle's Honor Blend Pipe Tobacco

The tin aroma is rich, sweet, and slightly earthy with hints of plum to it. There is also a kind of fruitiness to it that reminds me of wine. I cut off some of the tobacco and rubbed it out. After it was rubbed out, the aroma changed a bit. The sweet and plum aromas are more pronounced and now there is quite a bit of tang to it that tickles the nose. This blend smells great! The moisture content is perfect for smoking right away with no drying time needed. I loaded up the pipe and proceeded to the charring light.

On the charring light:
Flavor: Straight forward tobacco flavor with some very light hints of wood and some sweetness in the background.
Aroma: Sweet tobacco aroma.

I finished lighting up the pipe and settled in for the smoke.

At the start this blend had a straight forward tobacco flavor that was accompanied by hints of wood and spice with a backbone of natural sweetness. A few minutes into the smoke, the sweetness has become very pronounced as well as the spiciness. It is balanced out perfectly and tastes great. The hints of wood are almost non-existent now. There are some other flavors that are starting to show up. Immediately, my first thought of them was coffee and chocolate. But the more that I try to focus on them, the more that I realize that they are not quite coffee and chocolate, but they are similar. I can’t really put my finger on it. Actually, I think that I am picking up on those flavors more on the finish than in the smoke. Whatever the flavors are, they taste good.

Around the 3/4 point, the flavors are predominately peppery/spicy and sweet like a typical VA/Per blend. At this same time I am also starting to pick up a little bit of sharpness on my palate that I sometimes get from Virginia and VA/Per blends. Do not confuse this for tongue bite, it is not. Actually, I have not had any tongue bite at all so far.

Around the mid-bowl point the Perique pepper/spiciness has moved to the front to dominate while the sweetness has moved to the background. Right now the flavor profile is of a pure VA/Per blend. This flavor remained through to the end.

This is a really good blend. It smokes cool, dry, and didn’t even come close to biting. This blend builds in strength as the bowl progresses and there is some complexity as well. I like this blend a lot and if you like VA/Per blends, I think that you will like it as well.
I Highly Recommend it!

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Brand: Hermit Tobacco Co.
Blend: Capt. Earle’s Honor Blend
Description: Capt. Earle’s Honor Blend is an all natural stoved blend of Red Va’s, Mild Cavendish, Turkish and Perique tobaccos pressed in an old-fashioned Crumble
Cake. Specially formulated for the discriminating lovers of fine Virginia based tobaccos. Named in memory of Captain Earle’s wife Honor Matthews, a native of New Zealand whom he wed during one of his ports of call to Diamond Head in Hawaii.
Country: US
Cut: Cake
Tobaccos: Virginia, Cavendish, Turkish, Perique
Strength: Medium-Full
Taste: Wood, Tobacco, Spice, Pepper, Sweetness
Room Note: Tolerable

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Capt. Earle's Honor Blend Pipe Tobacco

Capt. Earle’s Honor Blend – Click Here to Order Now!


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