Town & Country Tobacco Keeps Smoking

In December 1966, Lyn Beyer bought his father a pipe for Christmas. One week before Christmas, his father died. Lyn, who was at that time a nonsmoker, kept the pipe, and soon he was a pipe smoker. A couple of years later, he and his wife, Bobbe, moved to Kansas City when Lyn was offered a management job with Sears. They bought a tobacco shop in nearby Overland Park, Kan., as an investment. Before long, Lyn had quit his job to work full time in the tobacco shop.

That shop was successful, and about five years ago, the Beyers had the opportunity to buy a tobacco shop in Town and Country.

One of their regular customers is my friend and former colleague, Harry Levins. He favors inexpensive cigars. I stopped by the shop Tuesday morning with Levins.

This is a great article with some excellent comments at the end whereby some of the non-smokers defend the right for smokers to have a place to smoke.

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