Calling All Pipe Clubs

The United Pipe Clubs of America is putting out a call to all pipe clubs; old, new, and as yet to be conceived.

If your pipe club is not a member of the UPCA, you can now join for FREE for the first year.1. It was decided in yesterday’s Executive Committee meeting that new pipe clubs joining the UPCA will have no dues for the first year. According to UPCA President, Vernon Vig; "Increasing our membership is more important than the amount of money in our bank account. Our priority is not fundraising, but rather increasing memberships and promoting pipe clubs". Increasing membership of the UPCA helps support all pipe clubs while also sustaining the growth of the pipe hobby.

No Club in Your Area?
If there is no club in your area, and you want to start one, the UPCA can help. Here is a great article to get you started, "Starting Your Own Pipe Club", By Steve Fallon.

Established Pipe Clubs
If you are an established pipe club, and are already a member of the UPCA, we would like to request that you post about your club’s activities on the UPCA website. Contact Cam Schutte for easy 1, 2, 3 instructions on how to do so at

You are most likely already sending out email blasts to your members about up coming events and then reporting the results on your club website. It will only take 5 – 10 minutes to copy / paste the same information within your account on the UPCA site. Then it is much more easily shared with ALL the clubs. Then other clubs can benefit by getting ideas on activities they can arrange. Each club can have their own little blog section on the UPCA site. So please contact UPCA webmaster, Cam Schutte to schedule a 5-minute call to show you how easy it is –

Why Should My Club Join the UPCA?
The UPCA provides a vehicle where clubs can be found and communications enhanced with and among them. The more successful clubs there are, the stronger the pipe smoking hobby can become. We can all help each other by joining together with the improved exchange of ideas, information and news about pipe smoking around the world.

1. To join for FREE for the first year, use Coupon Code: new club. Visit Now!

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