Zoie is Smokin’ … Literally and Figuratively!

Zoie is originally from Chicago, and currently resides in St. Petersburg, Florida. She is an interior designer, and lists her current occupation as “Being Awesome” at Blue Star Group. We couldn’t agree more, and think she is doing such a good job, that she should get a raise. We also think that ZZ Top wrote a song about her. In this shoot, Zoie is smoking an exotic-looking acorn-shaped pipe with bamboo stem made by Zack Hamric. Zack is a participating member in the community forums on PipesMagazine.com under the screen name of zack24. You can find his pipes at ZHamricPipes.com. Hair by Maya Damrell. Wardrobe chosen by Kevin Godbee. (You’re welcome.) Photos by Barry Lively of B.Lively Images. (That’s his real name, and he lives up to it!)

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