Pipe Babe Montana Smoking a Comoy’s Blue Riband

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In this shoot Montana is smoking a 1950’s era Comoy’s Blue Riband Billiard with Saddle Bit from Kevin Godbee’s collection. We shot this at Proof Cocktail Club in Downtown St. Petersburg. It’s a real Speakeasy with no sign to mark its location. You have to know where it is, and you have to know the password to get in.

Born and raised here in the heart of Saint Petersburg, Montana grew to develop an appreciation for both the finer and simpler things in life- a rich glass of bourbon, a rainy afternoon nap, leisurely bicycle rides, perfectly runny Eggs Benedict…While she was always one to reach for a cigar to pair with a perfectly peated Scotch (a trait most definitely inherited from her late Grandpa Ed), she very much enjoyed smoking this Comoy’s Pipe and was blowing smoke rings in no time. Bartending for the last six years, Montana is fortunate enough to be crafting behind two bars in Downtown Saint Pete- The Cask & Ale, and Proof Cocktail Club. There you can find her sharing laughs, stories, and stirring up the meanest Manhattan you’ve ever had… unless her insatiable wanderlust has lead her to a faraway haven where she is sipping her own cocktail, gazing upon whatever relaxing dreamscape of which she has stumbled.

Photos by Diana Atwood

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