Camae Smokes a Comoy’s Tradition Billiard (182)

Camae is a bubbly, petite, cutie with beautiful, long, flowing brown hair. Originally from New York, and now residing in St. Petersburg, FL, this 28-year old Virgo enjoys smoking a pipe on special occasions. You may also see her smoking a cigar at Central Cigar Bar in downtown St. Pete. In this shoot, Camae is smoking a 2013 Comoy’s Tradition Billiard (182) with Saddle Bit. The Comoy brand was brought back last year by distribution company Phillips & King, and it is being made by Chacom in France. (Chacom was originally an offshoot brand of the Comoy company from their French factory in the early 1920s.) This is a perfect recreation of the original model pipe that was made in England decades ago. You can read more about this here.

See the gallery here.

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