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Here are the main points of interest:
* Navigation Bar –
Once you have logged in, you’ll notice a gray navigation bar at the top of the screen with links to “My Account” – “My Blogs” – “Notifications” – “Visit” (far right).
These links will direct you to any page you need within your profiles, blogs, or message system.
To get to the home page from anywhere on the site, just hit the top left “Home” link.
* Community Quick Links –
Navigation instructions, blogging basics, messaging, friend feeds… Basically, we’ve tried to make it easy to always find what you’re looking for within the community.
* Forum –
We’ve kept the forum categories simple for a reason. There are plenty of networking opportunities throughout this platform between friend feeds, commenting on member blog articles, and joining individual groups.
* Groups –
Create your own local group, or find some that are relevant to your interests.