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Racine & Laramie

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(619) 291-7833

Opened in 1868, This family owned TAA store provides premium pipes, tobaccos, cigars, accessories, and a smoking lounge in the heart of San Diego's Old Town State Historic Park.

Business Address:
2737 San Diego Ave. - Old Town; San Diego; CA 92110


Visited here in Old Town San Diego about a month back which would be about April 2022.
Store: 5/5 rustic antique looking exposed beams permeated with the rich smells of enjoyed cigar and pipe tobaccos alike. Filled with antiquities including pipes, tampers, cigars and black powder firearms that will peak your intrigue and help you feel a part of history even now in the 21st Century. Pipe showcases: 4/5
Pipes well laid out of various sizes shapes, brands and price ranges including a brief collection of estate pipes.
Pipe Tobacco: 5/5
Tobaccos cured and blended by them. The two gentlemen I spoke with were well versed and friendly even enjoying some tobacco in the midst of our conversation. I have greatly enjoyed their Golden Bull blend as well as their st Charley and preferably in that order. Their prices are a little high for 2 ounces worth, granted they are in the heart of California resisting regulations on flavored tobacco. Great selection, beautiful and engaging storefront!

Will | May 1, 2022
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