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New member
Aug 8, 2019
I was reading another thread and the gentleman said he was using matches and a Bic. It was recommended that he should look at the Zippo Pipe lighter. I have years of experience using Zippos lighting cigarettes, which adds another layer of flavor to the cigarette, to say the least. I did look and discovered that Zippo is offering butane pipe inserts, though not made or warranted by Zippo. I do own a vintage Zippo butane, which was also imported by a foreign manufacturer. Any advice on butane pipe lighters? I am currently using a Bic mostly.



Preferred Member
Jun 6, 2017
Many people use them and are satisfied.
Be advised that if it has an electric ignition system, it will sooner or later give up the ghost. Maybe a month, maybe a decade.
They are reasonable enough in cost to give it a go, if it appeals to you.
The THUNDERBIRD one has butane with flint ignition, so it may last longer.



Preferred Member
Sep 13, 2013
Some simply can't figure out how to use a Zippo, pipe insert or not. The study Bic is a wonder, it'll come right out of the washing machine working fine. Either of these can be found in my pocket. I even know how to use them in a stiff breeze.



Nov 26, 2018
zippo works very well. you just let it burn off a sec or two before bringing above the tobacco. i like my zippo, but don't like refilling the lighter fluid every few days. bic works like a charm, and doesn't need refill. bic and stiff breeze isn't an issue. just cup the pipe opening with a hand. you'll get used to burning your thumb and won't feel it much after awhile.



Preferred Member
Good god. I love my zippo pipe lighter. And it does not impart a taste to the tobacco if you let it burn for a second. Which isn't even an issue with a pipe where unlike a cig you don't strike the lighter half a second before hitting the smoke with flame. Bics are fine if you don't mind bite though. And the pipe insert really also seems designed perfectly and the flame seems to burn cleaner anyways. Seriously I heavily reccomend one.



New member
Aug 31, 2018
Love my petrol Zippos. As stated above, all you have to do is let it burn for a second or two before touching the tobacco. I find that keeping it well above the top of the bowl, I can draw enough heat to get the job done without drawing fumes. Just never let the flame actually touch the leaf.
I can use them anywhere, regardless of wind, and they almost invariably light on the first try. The piezo butanes I've used over the past decades inevitably fail or have trouble in the slightest breeze. Any butane will eventually have delivery problems. While the Zippos do require occasional refilling and maintenance, I love the idea of having a lighter that will essentially last forever.



Senior Member
Feb 5, 2019
South Florida
Armygenes2012 has Clipper butane lighters 12 for $15 on eBay in a variety of themes. Free shipping. Refillable and it says that the flints are replaceable as well, though I haven’t tried to do that yet.

They’re also made in Spain, just in case anyone’s tired of seeing China on everything they buy.

At that price, I just keep them scattered around the house, so I never have to go looking for a lighter.