WTT 4 Capstan Blue Flake w/ age (8.14.21)

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Dec 18, 2019
California, USA
Howdy, I’m looking for a couple tins of Capstan Blue Flake w/ at least 3 years on them

Sitting on many jars of different Esotericas and other blends too w/ a couple years on them.

pm if interested in a trade



Preferred Member
Jul 30, 2016
Vegas Baby!!!
I thought I read somewhere on this forum that Capstan Blue Flake doesn't really change much with age. I opened up a tin from 2016 a few months ago and there was no sign of sugar crystals.
Not everything that ages well gets crystals. Aging isn’t consistent across the board. I’ve found Capstan to age well.

There is a Venn Diagram in there somewhere.


Preferred Member
Jul 16, 2012
"Ages well" is entirely subjective. Capstan both yellow and blue lose the fresh edge they have when "brand new", Mac Baren's virginia flake does the same, and 3 years is about the window for that one for sure. I've got a tin of 2014 Blue on the go right now and it's much more calmed than I was expecting, more to the flat leathery end of the spectrum than the sugary sweet - I think the tobacco has mellowed and the flavor fattened up some, and the topping seems less present than I remember (which could be hazy BS anyway). Very nice virginia, more in the British vein than continental at this point.