Which Style Pipe Tobaccos?

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I enjoy them all, except... that I am way more picky about aromatics that the others. Actually, it's been a long while since I have had an aromatic. Now that I think about it, I really don't "enjoy" aromatics. Ok, ok, ok... aromatics suck. Ha ha. But, it's ok if you guys like them. Actually... yehhhh.... ok.... you can like them, just don't smoke them too close to me. puffy


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Jun 28, 2022
Dothan, Alabama
I like all types, but I'll put my preferences in order of most to least:
Burley, English, VA, aromatics.

As to sub classifications based on your question, I prefer regular burley over ODF; English that's less balkan and more leathery/savory; VAbur over VA + orientals over VAper; "Danish" (tobacco-forward) and Lakelands over goopy strong flavored aros and for stereotypical aro flavors I prefer vanilla over maple over cherry.

When it comes to stuff like "navy blends", I prefer the ones that are burley based (like Mac Baren Navy Flake over the PS LNF).

And you didn't ask, but as to cut, my preferences in order most to least are:
Flake or broken flake, ready rubbed, coins, ribbon, plug, rope


Mar 30, 2019
In the semi-rural NorthEastern USA
So, what kind of pipe smikers are you?

Do you prefer Straight Virginias, VAPers, VAOrs, Burleys, Balkans, Orientals, English, Scottish, Dark Fired, Lakelands, Aromatics, etc?
Or…do you swing every which way???
Do tell!
I am like Cosmic on this one. I mix it up with Aromatics being the least represented. The only tobaccos I've smoked that I didn't really like have been aros. Some of my favs are aros. But if you give me a any of those other categories at worst I'll think about what's better not that the blend is bad.


Can't Leave
Jul 13, 2023
Pittsburgh, PA
I've gone through phases where all I smoked were aromatics, then English blends, then Virginia blends, then burley blends...and now I'll smoke tobacco of any style.

I'm actually surprised that I'm enjoying aromatics again after decades of avoiding them, but here I am.


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Aug 1, 2023
My preference is for blends with Virginia (flue cured) in the lead.
Second, anything that Bob Runowski created. I just love what he did with Burleys.
Third, everything else that's not a goopy aromatic.

Also, just gotta give a +1 to @vosBghos for the Junkhead reference!
I couldn't agree more on the Bob Runowski blends! Great stuff!
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