What Is The Worst Pipe Tobacco You Have Ever Smoked?

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Preferred Member
Dec 22, 2013
New York
Condor Mild. It was like smoking Condor that you had left in your pants pocket and then put through a hot wash cycle. I have had more flavorful farts then Condor Mild/Condor Blue. Another uniquely unpleasant one that thankfully is no long available was 'British No:1' or something in that vain which made a very brief appearance in the early 1980s. It was supposedly made from U.K domestically grown tobacco. I purchased a tin whilst visiting The House of Pipes. It was so unpleasant you might as well have filled your pipe with dried leaves from the forest floor, although the tin was very pretty if my memory serves me correctly.


Preferred Member
Feb 11, 2016
Austin, TX
@karam reminded me that I really disliked Mississippi Mud and that also brought back memories of really disliking Da Vinci, also by C&D (I kind of enjoyed the Dan Tobacco Da Vinci blend topped with wine). I do love a lot of C&D blends but these 2 were pretty bad, tossed both. It's probably been about 10 years since I had them and I always preach about never swearing off a blend but I'll never return to those two again.


Preferred Member
Feb 2, 2019
Basel, Switzerland
I gave the Mississippi Mud to a friend who said it’s among the best things he’s smoked. Funnily enough, a few years later I could barely make it through half a bowl of SG Celtic Talisman, gave that to the same friend who loved it. To this day these are the two only blends i have given one star to.

No moral to the story, just a pleasant realisation of friendship through time :)


Junior Member
Aug 27, 2017
Central Virginia
On Sunday nights, I tend to just play on my phone and research random things. Today I was researching the famous Toscanello Cigarillos and found myself watching a cigar review. In this particular episode, a popular set of dudes reviewed a 40 cigar bundle that was on sale for $30. At the end they all agreed they were all pretty terrible. They wanted to know what the worst cigar you ever smoked.

I am tweaking their question and want to know from you guys, what is the worst pipe blend you have ever smoked?

I will go first: C&D Yorktown! Now to be fair, I am a huge fan of Pirate Kake (sic), Star of the East and their Christmas blends. However, Yorktown takes the trophy as the worst pipe tobacco I have ever smoked.

Your turn...
Paladin takes the gold. Chatham Manor the silver. Stonehenge Flake the bronze.
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