What is the best Balkan?

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Aug 24, 2019
I've tried quite a few, to include Sasieni Balkan and Arango Balkan Supreme.

Which is the best?
Agree with the others who said "best" is subjective to ones personal preference.

I've not tried either SB or ABS but my favourite blend with Oriental is Jesses Own - Virginia, Oriental/Turkish, Maryland, Latakia and Perique.
The Orientals are a key component but doesn't overwhelm. In fact no one leaf dominates.
Very well balanced and surprisingly tasty for a milder blend.
May 19, 2021
Like most pipe nomenclature, Balkan is simply a word to give the smoker a heads up that the blend will contain latakia and a significant amount of other orientals. There's not really any hard n fast rules on genres per se, but if I see "Balkan" in the name I know generally what to expect. Having said all that, GLP Caravan is my favorite, though I'm expecting good things awaiting me inside those tins of C&D Palmetto Balkan I tucked away.


Oct 25, 2013
New Zealand
GH Balkan flake is very good, it was overwhelming for me fresh (most 'balkan' blends are a bit much for my palate) but the tin I aged for 8 years and then dried right out was excellent. I have one more tin sitting there, I think it is 2013, so maybe I will pop that next year and put a review up.


May 22, 2022
Another vote for White Knight, or even better, the bulk version.
The bulk is cheap.....just like me! 😁


Can't Leave
Jun 3, 2020
Washington State
I've only just popped the tin and smoked one bowl, but HH Vintage Syrian is great - very smoky, but also very smooth. I have so many great balkans that I think my two tins of this will last a really long time; thus, I don't have a problem suggesting that you enthusiastically go hunt some down.