What Did a Tin of Tobacco Cost 10 and 20 Years Ago?

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Jul 21, 2015
1963 ($1.10/1.76oz) => 2016 ($8.52)
I guess the bigger question is: why is our currency worth less every year? ;)



Jun 27, 2013
When I first started in the late fifties PA was .15 and friends tobacco was .11, but that was at a convenience store so you could probably find it cheaper. Bread at the time was .11 for a one pound loaf and coffee was .79 for a full pound can. Ground beef was .25 a pound when it was on sale. That might give some comparison for inflation.



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Dec 7, 2011
This thread brought back some interesting memories. When I was nine or ten years old, I had saved up $5 to buy my family Christmas presents that year(mid to late 1960s). There was a large discount store where we lived at the time. I thought I was very grown up as I walked in and bought my sister a "moon goon", my mother - a probably wretched "parfum", and a large can of Mixture #79 for dad. I presented my $5 and I distinctly remember getting some change as well. Nowadays a 9 year couldn't even walk into a tobacco store, let alone buy anything... and if he did, his parents would be shackled and toted off to prison as neglectful abusers, as would the proprietor of the mill. Now that I'm thinking about it, back then, people sent their kids to pick up ciggies all the time... no big deal at all. (Except minimum wage was something like a buck and a quarter at the time. Sorry... random free association) :puffy:



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Mar 25, 2016
Here's what I remember ...
Thank you JimInks for your impressive memory. I remember what tubs and tins cost when I started and what they cost now; I was struggling with in-between. :oops:
Interesting how the big tobacco settlement and taxes have tilted the price see-saw:
1986: Dunhill Light Flake tin, $4.50-$4.75; Marlboro Red box, $1.15-$1.25.
2016: Dunhill Flake tin, $11-$12; Marlboro Red box, $11-$12 (at least in Chicago).
Haven't smoked a Marlboro in over a decade ...



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Jan 24, 2013
With things going the way they are, don't even worry about price, availability in the future is what I think will make a big difference.

So I'm trying to get my reserves now rather than later!!!!

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