***What Are You Smoking, September 2021?***

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Feb 11, 2016
Austin, TX
Gawith Hoggarth Coniston Cut Plug in a Savinelli bent made for and purchased at Main Street Cigar in Bel Air, Maryland. This was the third pipe I purchased when I started smoking in 2009, and as I have since sold the first 2, this is now the pipe I have had in my collection the longest!
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That’s a cool pipe. I have 3 Savinelli pipes that were made for Heroes & Legacies (RIP) that look very similar but different shapes. I also bought them in 2009 when I first started smoking a pipe. I’ve kept all 3. Wonderful smokers.

Bax Burley

Starting to Get Obsessed
Jul 20, 2021
Earlier, on commutes: Lane MV-1000 and Captain Black Royal in Peterson Aran Rustic 68 and Crown Garden Red Oom Paul.

Upon arriving home: Three Friars in Molina Barrasso Smooth Brown Bent Dublin, while working on a syllabus. I am starting to smoke Three Friars every day. It has a meaty, breakfasty taste. I wonder if that makes sense.


Can't Leave
Jun 15, 2018
First pipe of the day (morning) is my IMP Meer filled with 2018 Dunhill Nightcap. Hot salted caramel cocoa is my imbibing companion.

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