***What Are You Smoking, Sept. 2022?***

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Jun 29, 2022
Champa Bay
Up in the wee hours, just finished the Condor I was smoking before, reminds me of some Gawith Lakelands. Makes me think, who came first, the English 🇬🇧 or the Irish ☘️ with all this perfume tabac? LOL 😆

I really enjoy watching the tube late, when it’s so quiet, and having a puff. :)

So wanting to smoke some more, having now some C&D Sun Bear Mountain Flower, in a Dr. Grabow: Commodore 65 Zulu, dated from 1967-1969, vulcanite stem, metal screw-in tenon, no stinger.

I really love this blend yummy yummy 😋

Be well everyone! ❤️

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I love that Dr. Grabow of yours! She's a looker for sure! I'll bet she smokes just as good!


Part of the Furniture Now
Aug 31, 2021
Northern Germany
Finally, what would you use to get a bit of the earthy taste that you say is suited to clay pipes?
Some potato peels would do that. 😁 Jokes aside, I'm sure an Oriental would fit in well but I'll PM you later today so we don't keep spamming up the thread.

The big jar needed a new fill so I made another bar with about 65% Burley and 35% Virginia, just a little pinch of bright and dark Kentucky as well. I don't really have a taste for Burley yet and never included it much, I finally want to change that and this should help to bring us together.

20220921_135858 - Copy.jpg

Smoking some of it in my clay right now, not bad! A little sweet red vino from North Macedonia to go with it.

20220921_161045 - Copy.jpg
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