***What Are You Smoking, Sept. 2020?

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Feb 11, 2016
Austin, TX
That’s right it’s already September! My my, I sure hope the weather breaks soon! It’s been too damn hot here in central Texas. I look forward to our one day of fall and two weeks of winter!

Smoking some Engine 99 in a Savinelli


And more Savinelli 140 in the Bones Dublin



Dec 22, 2013
New York
Good Morning! It's officially September and I can safely say that due to all the disasters of 2020 I cannot name anything particularly of note for this year unless you count not spending any money as an achievement! The only thing about 2020 is that my tobacco consumption seems to have grown, maybe thats what keeps this Bat virus at arms length so far! Today I thought I would take my mid to late 19th century meerschaum 'cutty' out for a ride. It has a silver band, hall marked Birmingham with a lovely Baltic amber mouth piece. The case needs seeing too and I will be sending that off to my case repair man this week. He restores pianos so somehow this uniquely qualifies him to restore 19th century pipe cases. My tobacco for the morning is Black Irish X and CCP mixture which really seems to work, takes the edge off the twist and produces a room note that does not smell like a major party political convention. Enjoy September 1st!

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