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Aug 31, 2012
It says it’s based off of Verge Engine Overdrive, I loved that tabac, I hope this one is as good?

Cough Cough at @gamzultovah what ya think too? :)

P.S. After posting I see you posted a mistake, but have you had Dread Planet before?
Yes, I reviewed Dread Planet before it was released. The Virginias are different enough from VEO that I wouldn't say they were that similar.


Jul 9, 2011
I smoked some McClelland No. 24 from 1989 (a gift from Mike and Mary), in my Rich Lewis 731 calabash, during our Saturday ZOOM meeting. A mug of Upton Tea's Baker Street Afternoon Blend, with a little orange blossom honey, went quite well with the tobacco.
The photo shows the chip in the rim I got dropping the pipe, before Rich repaired it for me. It is now like new.

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Part of the Furniture Now
Dec 7, 2019
Kansas City
I'm finally beginning to understand why many enjoy Elizabethan Mixture. I went through a tin this week in many different pipes, finishing the last bowl now in a Peterson system standard 301. Really enjoying the simple raisin and fig notes, with an occasional sweetness here and there. It's not that complex or anything, but I do enjoy the easy packing with the ribbon cut that these dunhill-peterson blends have.

It's interesting how certain blends (including this one) have a lower hot point where I lose the flavor than others, long before tongue bite occurs. I think that this is the "tongue tingle" point that JimInks points out in his reviews? Anyway, really good stuff. Glad to finally get it a little bit!


Nov 30, 2020
Sydney, Australia
Oz, Wish your Dad a Happy Birthday from me!
Thank you, Dino.

Lucky to have him still.
He had a heart attack aged 62yo (smoked 40-60 cigs/day). At the time, he was treated in a "normal" hospital ward, as he was over 60yo and the Coronary Care/Intensive Care Ward was reserved for patients under 60yo. Obviously he wasn't expected to survive much past 62yo, and it would have been deemed a "misuse of a valuable facility" !
I guess he's having the last laugh :)


Aug 31, 2012
A quarter of the way through this bowl of D&R Penhooker Silver in a straight smooth brown undated pre-republic Peterson Shamrock 263 Canadian with a nickel band and a black tapered vulcanite p-lip stem. This will finish my smoking day. Listening to Boris Karloff in Inner Sanctum on the XM as I work.


Dec 22, 2013
New York
Good Morning all. It is chilly here in Florida with the morning temperature hovering around 62 and the highs in the early 70s. I realize everyone else in the north of the U.S is freezing but this is considered quite cold for this part of Florida. I am starting my day off with a bowl of Bosun Plug in the usual style meerschaum pipe before taking a shower and contemplating breakfast.


Jun 22, 2015
Pretty special day - Dad turning 99 yo. He's hanging around for the Queen's Congrulatory Letter next year for his 100th !
A family BBQ for 12 (a few family members are in Singapore and Melbourne),

A mini malt whisky tasting to finish, with a Trinidad (box from 2006). This was a definite finger burner.

View attachment 106088View attachment 106089

That’s a great selection of whiskies you have there. How is the Archie Rose? I love their gin but have not tried their single malt.
Jul 3, 2020
Scottish Borders
You’ve had a real soaking this last couple of days, I hope you’re not in a area prone to flooding. We’ve got a bit of a Hooghly coming through the SE this morning but nothing like what you’ve had. Hope the livestock is safe, as well as your good self of course.
@Birddog66 all good thanks, we’re lucky as our home is uphill and away from any watercourses. A local town had evacuated about five hundred folks, the river reached 3 meters above the mark. Thankfully the flood defences done the job. Showers and gusty conditions today.
Hope all is well with you mate ?
Happy (dry) smokes
Ettrick puffer