***What Are You Smoking, May 2023?***

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Christos D. Tsatsaronis

Part of the Furniture Now
Haven’t seen you around in a while, hope all is well.

By the way, you ever go out and play tourist and go to some of the Greek Islands?

I figure living there, if you’re close by, might be a regular thing to do. Go lay out on a small quiet island, white sandy beach and the blue water, and smoke that pipe. :)

Be well! ❤️
Hi friend, thank you, all well, I just stop the posting habbit for a while, from time to time.
As for your question: actually yes, I do a lot. It's not an island but a vulcanic peninsula with hot baths and islands all around, called Methana. Come visit some day, we can smoke together, be well yourself!



Can't Leave
Jun 15, 2022
Metro Detroit
This is how Hill & Hill looks? To bad they don’t have a website, especially since they’re making pipes.

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Yeah, that's the place. They don't make their own pipes, they just happen to be the sole retailer of Azura Pipes. Interesting fact, the gentleman who makes Azura Pipes also is a beautician and cuts the hair of the owner of Hill & Hill. Azura is on Instagram @azurapipes. I don't know if he sells pipes through IG, but you could always shoot him a DM. He has paused pipe making momentarily as he's moving.


Nov 20, 2022
North Carolina
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C&D Burley Flake #1 in a 1999 Ashton XX, interestingly, this XX is about a big group 4 while my new 1986 XX is like a big group 5. Hmmmm 😂 they are both great pipes, honestly I like how the 99 looks better

Side note: anyone here try any Racine & Laramie blends? The VaPer coins look enticing! Silver Dollar Flake – Racine & Laramie ® - https://store.racineandlaramie.com/product/silver-dollar-flake/
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I pick up a bag of Senator when I am down that way.
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