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Apr 29, 2017
Minnesota USA
2020 C&D Bijou in a Sasieni Four Dot Ruff Root Buckingham. I bought the Bijou on a whim, in order to bump up an order to get free shipping.

I popped my first tin yesterday. The honey top note is noticeable, complements the other tobaccos well without sublimating them. The aged red and Katerini are a pleasant combo, with the aged red taking the lead. Great smoke.



Can't Leave
Feb 9, 2022
Blanco, Texas
My very first bowl of Uno in my Pete Watson. Early on latakia soon followed by a perique flavor, but much more to go.View attachment 145089
Now at the end of the bowl, the fine virginias lead with a little smoky dark fired mixed in. This blend is perfectly suited to my habit of smoking all the way to the bottom. Delicious! Thanks, JimInks, for the review that let me to buy it.

Servant King

Nov 27, 2020
Frazier Park, CA
Posting this early:

Heading into LA for a friend's parent's 80th birthday celebration this weekend. Bringing my Savinelli Tortuga 614 bent billiard for aromatics, and my SMS claw meer for everything else. Packed for myself (and for sharing, if I should be so lucky to encounter another pipe smoker) about three or four bowls each of:

1) Mac Baren Vanilla Roll Cake
2) Ashton Gold Rush
3) Sutliff Balkan Sobranie Orig. Mix Match
4) Peterson Nightcap

That should take care of my needs quite nicely. Depending on the outcome of Game 7 Kings vs. Oilers, there may also be copious amounts of alcohol paired with the above. 😄

No bird report, obviously, but I did see a Lesser goldfinch (first of the year!) this morning. LA birds will probably just be crows and sparrows, maybe a Mourning dove or two if I'm lucky. Frazier Park birds spoil me! :LOL:

Happy weekend everyone, and happy smokes! 👍


Part of the Furniture Now
Feb 11, 2021
Good day all! Started with Peterson Flake, like yesterday, but in a smaller Upshall sandblast Bulldog with hex shank and saddle stem size 3-4. The smaller bowl seemed to expand the flavor profile and reveal the delicate and subtle tones I missed when using a size 5 bowl. Now about to put fire to a bowl of Peterson Royal Yacht in a Tilshead smooth Billiard with saddle stem.
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