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Sep 26, 2019
Monterey, CA
An exquisite WCC Rhythm & Blues smoke in my Savinelli 114 Porto Cervo. These days I'm really enjoying this blend and also Opening Night. I particularly like the tang in those blends and understand that it's probably the Red Virginias. Can those in the know point me in the direction of blends with a similar taste profile, please?


Jan 25, 2019
Philadelphia Suburbs, Pennsylvania
Now Still Smoking: Blended up the next sized Micro-Batch - 1.5 grams advances to 3.0 grams - of M.B. White's JAN1946 award-winning blend which appeared in the January 1946 issue of Pipe Lover's Magazine. I split this 'Round 2' tasting sample between the little clay Cutty pipe - as shown back in post #967 - and the other 2/3rd of the Micro-Batch in one of my regular Smokers; being: an Italian made 5.25" Molina Barasso-series, Volcano, unfinished and sandblasted - which The Amazing Wifey applied her art talents to with 2 different colors of her alcohol-based dyes, to create the colors you see here, of this once blonde pipe - Aluminum ring, bent Acrylic Stem and Fishtail bit.
Pipe Lovers Magazine 1946-1_0000.jpg

I'd love to know what M.B. White, of Des Moines, Iowa, would think about someone making up a sample of his award-winning JAN1946 Burley blend, and was smoking AND writing about it 77 years after the fact....

Anyone seen my Ouija Board? - Sherm Natman
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Sultan of Smoke
Aug 31, 2012
Half way through this bowl of year 2020 D&R VIP in a 2004 smooth long shank Trever Talbot Ligne Bretagne Faite en Bretagne 4/3 lumberman with a tapered black vulcanite stem. Ice water and bergs is my drink. Daisy the Feral Princess and Tomato the Brave were very eager to eat, and gave them enough to keep them stuffed for a while. I figured out Shy Stripesy's new stealthy MO, so I left food for her that I know she'll eat, but D&T won't. That'll help her out when she shows up from now on.


Can't Leave
Nov 10, 2014
East Tennessee
Up early and smoking some Carter Hall in a Sunrise Dublin. Surprised I haven't tried this blend sooner; it's a little milder and smoother than Haunted Bookshop or Five Brothers. Wouldn't have bought a can unless a fellow in our pipe club smoked it exclusively. Made me wonder if I should try it.
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