***What Are You Smoking, March 2023?***

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Nov 20, 2022
Did some cellar organizing today and realized I had some St James Flake! I’ve been wanting to try this and it’s been out of stock for a while. Anyway, I need to start keeping a spreadsheet so I don’t do anymore buying of things I already have! 😂 Smoking first bowl of this in a Ferndown. Happy Saturday!
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Darn, this stuff is fantastic! Wish I’d ordered more then 2 tins. Anyone know if it’s gone for good?


Jul 23, 2014
The Lower Forty of Hill Country
Smoker Friendly Jamaican Rum in an old, well-loved, Missouri Meerschaum Patriot. This blend was ivery moist out of the pack, and benefited from one-hour of drying in a ceramic bowl placed on top of the desk-lamp in my den, Thus processed, it was pleasantly flavorful and free of bite.

My thanks to briarlee for recommending Smoker Friendly (Sutliff) tobacco!


Can't Leave
Nov 10, 2014
East Tennessee
Taking care of a sick dog today; he's got kennel cough and is having a rough time of it. He's on antibiotics and cough medicine; he seems to be improving. Soon to be smoking some Rattray's Accountant Mixture in a Dr. Grabow Hillcrest Canadian.

Servant King

Nov 27, 2020
Frazier Park, CA
Please excuse my scant appearances on this thread! Been a VERY busy March...our horse is moving in with us, and wifey and I have a s**t ton of work to do ourselves, including installation of the fence-line from scratch! I will be on here a lot more after this is all a distant memory.

Loaded up my Savinelli Bacco 321 bent author with Drew Estate Meat Pie. Lunch first, however. I will also give Harvest on Hudson a first-time try in my MM Country Gentleman, if time permits. Thank you to my NorCal friend for these tins! 🙏

Bird report: California scrub-jay, Steller's jay, Dark-eyed junco, California towhee, House finch, Oak titmouse, White-crowned sparrow, Red-tailed hawk, and Northern flicker.

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Jan 25, 2019
Philadelphia Suburbs, Pennsylvania
Now Smoking: Pre-Dominican Prince Albert, in a 6" Old German Clay, Eagle's Talon, by Markus Fohr, with smooth clay billiard bowl, fully-bent Vulcanite push-in style stem, wonderfully flat and comfortable fish-tale bit, and perfectly proportioned button and lip, for super comfortable hang-ability.


Also, included with my SP delivery today, was my free promotional Rattray's Steam Punk petrol fueled, somewhat WWI trench-style inspired lighter. Have to give a big kudo to Roxanne at SP, as I had ordered my new Rattray 107 just 24 hours before SP began the free lighter promotion for March 15-20; and, when I saw the ad for the promotion the next day, I emailed Roxanne, and she wrote back within 1 hour to inform me she pulled a lighter for me, and would include it in my next shipment - which arrived today, with the new OGC Eagle's Claw.

That's how I used to take care of my customers back in the day; and, my loyalty is driven by superior Customer Service. - Sherm "well-serviced" Natman
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