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Part of the Furniture Now
Feb 11, 2021
Good weekend and pipes to all! Started with a tryout of St. Bruno RR in a MM Cob. Very nice; the cob softens the strident notes although it dulls the taste somewhat for my challenged palate. Elizabethan Mixture awaits the match. Not in a cob.

Latakia Dave

Mar 4, 2021
Shenandoah Vally Virginia
I couldn't resist the chubby lines of this pipe I got recently. It's kinda dinged up and and not in the greatest shape, but, I thought it was worth putting in a little effort cleaning it up.

View attachment 136352

View attachment 136353

I cleaned a ton of gunk out of the mortise with Everclear and Q-tips. I scraped the cake out with the Smoking Pipes Oyster Knife (I love that tool and may now prefer it to my reamers) and had to mix up some cigar ash to fill some small cracks in the chamber above the draught hole. I popped the stem in La Belle Epoque Before & After Deoxidizer for a couple of hours earlier in the week, and spent part of the same afternoon cleaning up the lava with a MagicEraser and some saliva. I wiped down the pipe with La Belle Epoque Restoration Balm.

Tonight, I gave the stem a light buffing with a 12,000 grit pad to get a light sheen (but, not go overboard to take it to a piano gloss finish or obliterate the already worn GBD logo) and topped it off with some Obsidian Oil; then I gave the pipe a coating of Paragon Wax and lightly hand rubbed it.

Now, after a long day, I'm going to have Quiet Nights in this French GBD Flame Rhodesian 9438 with Saddle Stem. It seems like it was worth the two or three hours I futzed around with it.

View attachment 136354
Excellent restoration sir!


Starting to Get Obsessed
Feb 9, 2022
Western Pa
Enjoying a bowl of Capstan Blue flake in a self made Chimney Poker and watching some blowing snow flurries on a windy 50* Saturday morning in the Shenandoah Valley Virginia View attachment 136392
I see you have made some really nice pipes. How do you go about making them? Do you use a lathe or do you carve them? I know I could google it but thought maybe to get a more personal response by asking a fellow forum member that I see on here a bunch. Thanks.
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