***What Are You Smoking, June 2021?***

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Morning pipe (meerschaum) with Orlik Golden Sliced and coffee.
Unfortunately, as in the last years, this year also, June is not entirely a summer month in Greece. We have unsteady weather with sudden and sometimes heavy raining. It was not like that in the past. Climate has changed for sure, no point at denial.
But we move on. Day by day. Pipe helps.

May we all have a good Tuesday good people.

Orlik Golden Sliced in Meerschaum.JPG


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Aug 31, 2012
Did a bit of snacking, and am smoking D&R Penhooker in a 1990 straight dark brown Commemorative reproduction of the 1890 Peterson Patent System 12393 stack billiard with a silver band and a bowed black acrylic 32 AB long stem p-lip. Ice water and bergs is my drink.
Peterson_Commen. Billiard-Stack.jpg


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Nov 29, 2020
Newhaven England
Post work smoke is Peterson's Irish Flake in an MM nekkid Country Gentleman. I have another lined up in a Grabow Pot. My goodnight smoke will be GLP Quiet Nights in a pipe yet to be decided upon. I came home to a package of samples courtesy of @Birddog66. Thanks mate.
My pleasure and thank you for the Eight State 🙏
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