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Dec 3, 2021
Pennsylvania & New York
I thought I’d do a three gift combo of Amphora Kentucky Blend in a Kaufmann Bros. & Bondy (the company responsible for later period Colossus Pipe Factory and Kaywoodie pipes) Meerschaum Zulu with Amber Stem, while sipping Son of a Peat, the Redeemer, Blended Malt Scotch Whisky, Cask Strength, Batch 3 Limited Edition (53.8%) for Flaviar.

Many thanks to: @Carol , @ashdigger , and Susan.




Aug 31, 2012
Enjoyed a tasty navel orange, and am a third of the way through this bowl of Sutliff Dunhill Elizabethan Match in a straight smooth, dark brown patent era 1952 Dunhill Bruyere ODA apple 806 B124 with a black vulcanite tapered stem. Watching the Dodgers-Padres game. The Dodgers had a wonderful tribute to Vin Scully before the game. Glad I saw it.
Dunhill_1952Apple_ODA_Bruyere_806 B124.jpg
May 25, 2022
Cleveland, Ohio
Ordered some 1oz blends and they came today so I tried out a couple in my 6mm charcoal filtered cob.
Cornell and Diehl Dark Fired Kentucky-
Smells wonderful but didn't care much for it smoking wise but I think my partner may like it. She enjoys cigars and spicy food and sometimes craves a bit of bite.
Sutliff Frosty Mint- I am definitely in love with this blend straight. I chew mint gum religiously and this was a devilishly wonderful nuke of menthol and mint that is right up my alley. I will definitely be investing in more and I don't really mind it ghosting my pipe. One could say that pipe is now in 'mint' condition 😁.


Starting to Get Obsessed
Jul 14, 2022
I have found that tins/cans really need a couple weeks to 'open up' - it sounds like such nebulous, cork-sniffing bullshit, in a way, but I have found this to be true with C&D tins, especially ...I don't know if it's a humidity thing, magic, or other process ...but there's something to it.
Yes, I agree. It is the same with fermented tea that I buy from China. If you open a cake immediately after it arrives, the taste is very muted. Leave it for a month and it is a completely different tea. I only just aligned those two last week. The great thing is that I have a lot of tea and tobacco that I don’t have to feel impatient while they settle in.