***What Are You Smoking, August 2021?***

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Preferred Member
Apr 29, 2017
Minnesota USA
2015 Mac Baren HH Vintage Syrian in a Meer-maid.



Preferred Member
Aug 31, 2012
About a quarter of a bowl left of Watch City Simply VOriental in a straight smooth medium brown 1930s Wilshire 5 bulldog (Comoy’s second) made for John’s Pipe Shop in Los Angeles with a black vulcanite saddle stem. Work's done, I did the dishes, fed Suzy and Molly, and the outdoor cats, and am reading baseball box scores.
 Wilshire 5 bulldog.jpg


Preferred Member
Nov 29, 2020
Newhaven England
The only pure Virginia I've had is Ashton Gold Rush, which I would describe as all icing and no cake. I had been eyeing Capstan blue for a (hopefully) uncased, untopped Virginia. Smokingpipes is out of Full Virginia Flake, but there's a decent chance my local tobacconist has a tin. I'll keep an eye out, thanks!
You can’t go wrong with Capstan Blue Flake, pure tobaccos with nothing on top. Being in the UK I can get FVF whenever I want but personally I prefer Capstan. Unfortunately it’s not available in Flake over here.


Senior Member
Feb 11, 2021
Good day all! Starting with C&D Bayou Morning in an Upshall sandblast Canadian size 4. VIrkia: that MF pipe back there is spectacular (as always). The meticulous care with which you curate implies you've cataloged your collections - would love to see more pictures, etc.