***What Are You Smoking, August 2021?***

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Senior Member
Oct 28, 2020
. . . am smoking D&R Windsail. . . . Community Coffee, neat . . . .
@jiminks -- Good Morning, Jim-

Thnx for your great reviews! I'm guessing that you must be a, "supertaster," according to some (albeit dated) online material I read from Dr. Linda Bartoshuk.

A "Taste of Home" video got me thinking about tasting recently. Many spend lots of time tasting (tobacco, coffee, tea, etc) and/or reading reviews like your great ones and for me in particular--you are a big help. Learning about taste and identifying particular notes enriches my experience.

Yes--I can spot right off what tastes good to me or not, yet there's more to than that--the pleasures of nuances and education as to what I like and don't (and why) are fun! And if Dr. Bartoshuk is correct, and I have no reason to argue with her findings and postulations, some people have lots more "taste buds" (my phrase, not her's) than others--and I'm talking WAY LOTS MORE. These folks are, "supertasters," and I'm thinking that may describe you, kind sir! Also, while she mentions chefs in the cadre of supertasters, my guess is that blenders like Jeremy and smokers like Shane fit this model.

I wonder if blenders are aware of these details in their understanding of their customer base. Perhaps "codger blends" have less subtleties than others since aging may bring on a further diminishment of flavor awareness.

Hope your week's super, Jim.

kindly to all,

ps--seems to me that knowing my limitations is part of wisdom and so, knowing that one of my family members is a "supertaster," and thus more sensitive than I--is immensely helpful as I season what I cook for the Family, smoke in Family areas, etc :))-- Again, for me!! Of course, knowing what, "is" versus, "why" interests some of us and not others. To each his/her own :))

Interestingly, Dr. Bartoshuk has several spin-offs from this work that others may find worthwhile considering, including potential consequences for health-in particular for women, understanding aspects of aging, etc.


Preferred Member
Oct 16, 2009
The rain is back, it is fantastic to see and hear the water falling on the canvas of the porch of the house after months, now that I am only a couple of hours, it is just the ideal time to be on the porch reading for a while, while I enjoy Condor RR in a Aldo Velani olive wood and rainwater from our cistern to drink



Preferred Member
Sep 2, 2015
San Francisco Bay Area, USA
Almost half way through this bowl of Wilke Peanut Butter and Chocolate in a light brown 1979 rusticated medium bend Italian Sir Jeffrey Dublin (GBD second) sitter with a flared top and yellow saddle stem. This will finish my smoking day.
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Well, the Braves got the best of the Giants over the weekend. The Braves look really good right now, and it's hard to imagine how dangerous they'd be with Mr. Acuña Jr. healthy.

Now smoking Gawith, Hogarth & Co. Dark.Plug in a Savinelli Series III lumberman