***What Are You Smoking, August 2020?***

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Aug 31, 2012
Enjoyed a tasty Jazz apple, and my last smoke of the day is Ken Byron Ventures Experimental Void Ration bright Va. stoved Plug #1 in a very small slight bent black sandblasted Smokers Forum.UK 2015 POTY Chris Askwith Prince 5 with a tapered black acrylic stem with a flared bit.


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Dec 22, 2013
New York
Up since 5'ish. Smoking a bowl Grasmere and wondering why they don't sell this stuff in plug form. I am awaiting a massive order of the stuff to plug a few holes in myself and my chums inventory. I am starting to think the fellow running the USPS is messing with the post not to alter the election outcome but to reduce peoples nicotine pleasures! In case your interested its the usual pipe made from the usual material in the usual style of a similar age to everything else I own. In the absence of pictures use your imagination or buy one of these excellent Lady Bird ...How To Books



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Apr 26, 2020
Where NY, CT & MA meet
I have had good luck adding a bit of SG Lakeland Dark for a little extra body, I also add it to Erinmore Flake. To my palate it makes them taste a lot more like the original blends. If you have some on hand it might be worth giving it a try, I let the blend marry for at least two weeks.
Interesting. I have some Dark Plug. I can try that. Is Lakeland Dark scented? Dark plug is not.
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