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Senior Member
Jan 21, 2020
I’m calling it Maple Bacon... 1 flake of ODF and A pinch of Autumn Evening. In a Peterson Summertime 606 straight pot. Smokes nicely. Pleasant taste not too much aro heat. View attachment 40474
I've wondered how to "water down" my left over Autumn Evening tin. Might have to try your idea here. Maple Bacon... seems like you can't go wrong with that!


Preferred Member
Jul 30, 2019
I've tried suggesting the same as well. Dan seems to be determined to be the first man in Great Britain to melt a clay pipe!

Good to see, I'm not the only one concerned! I really think, you're missing some essential elemets of pipe smoking, if you rush that fast, @halfdan!

But back on track: Smoking some Haunted Bookshop in a Castello Sea Rock KKK.


Preferred Member
Feb 11, 2016
Austin, TX
St. Bruno Flake in a Pete 301 System Standard. Haven’t quite figured this blend out yet. This is my second bowl and the topping seems almost non-existent compared to yesterday. Delicious nonetheless. Martini, as usual lately.
View attachment 40458
That is honestly why I like the RR better... the topping seems more evenly dispersed and more potent.


Preferred Member
Aug 31, 2012
Relaxing after a wonderful salad, barbecue chicken legs and asparagus dinner with peaches and strawberries for dessert. Now smoking year 2016 Robert McConnell Scottish Cake in a 2002 black pebble finish straight Cavicchi C. Fatto A Mano Billiard and a black acrylic tapered stem. Rewriting and re-rating my older review of this blend.
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