What Are You Listening To? ~ Nov. 2020

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Apr 14, 2014
Central Ohio
I went to a cool bluegrass festival back in the summer of 1990........... at the National Trail Raceway, in Hebron Ohio. We camped there for 3 days. I saw Peter Rowan do "Midnight Moonlight" with Sammy Bush...... that song went on for 30+ minutes. It was absolutely incredible, changed my life actually.
I got to walk around and stumbled on this campsite and a large tee-pee......... yep, Peter Rowan sittin around the campfire playin the guitar............
That same day, watched Alison Krauss on stage, and got to meet her too, the wife bought a CD, "I've got that old feeling".......... Alison signed it and we had a good chat..........
God-Damn- I MISS good bluegrass festivals..........

Got to meet Vassar too......... way back when.
Love this........
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Snow Hill

Can't Leave
Apr 23, 2015
Listening to The Beach Boys - Surf's Up



Apr 26, 2013
I put Ofra Haza in to my Spotify acct on the advice of wyfbane. Today I’m listening to a mix of her music. A remarkable artist who covered many genres. Sadly, her career was ended by another health crisis. Please seek out her music and thank you to wyfbane.

Thank you for putting her out there, brother. Her voice is magical. Hope your holidays are off to a great start!

It was a health crisis that got her... because of her philandering husband. Extra tragic to my mind.
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Mar 13, 2018
SC Piedmont
My first arena show was Billy Idol in '87.

I had seen Waylon Jennings, Jan and Dean, and a couple other shows at our county fair before that.
Trying to remember. I think mine was Fats Domino, Martha & the Vandellas, & Brooklyn Bridge in '68 or '69.

One of the best I remember was Merle Haggard in Tallahassee in '75. Paid $6 for general tickets, & there was plenty of room in the $7 reserved section right in front, so my buds & I snuck down there. Great show!
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