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Feb 21, 2013
If people mostly smoke twelve dollar cigars, they have them at home. Everyone else who will smoke a cigar will be pleased with what you gift them, even the twelve dollar cigar guy.
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Starting to Get Obsessed
Feb 25, 2022
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
With the exception of homegrown stogies, I haven’t purchased any cigars in a long time. I used to enjoy guantanamera and Quintero y hnos.

one of my wife’s best friends is getting married and I’ve been landed with the job of supplying cigars for the bridal party as a surprise.

since cigars are exempt from the import restrictions to NZ, I’m thinking of ordering some from SPC. I’ll still have to pay roughly $50us in duty per 50g.

wondering if anyone can give some recommendations for what I should look at? It’s a bit overwhelming looking at all the options, and to be fair, I think they are wanting the cigars more for looks and a bit of fun. There is only a couple of them which would have smoked one in the last year.

I'm guessing you have access to Cubans (?) (I used to watch Friends of Habanos reviews on youtube). If you want to go for relatively priced, the classic Monte 4 is well know and a good all around smoke - in terms of quality and size, (for those who don't normally smoke cigars). If I had to choose something better, I'd go for a Ramon Allones Specially Selected or a Partagas Series D No.4 or 5. Amazing smokes.
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