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Feb 21, 2013
My dad was a minesweeper skipper in WWII in the Philippines; his brother/my uncle was a landing craft officer at the Tarawa landing, the first U.S. amphibious landing in WWII; my mom's cousin was killed as a tank crewman in Patton's tank corps; my late wife's father was an infantryman in the Battle of the Bulge; my wife's dad was in the trenches as a teenage cook in WWI with Pershings army and suffered the rest of his life from poison gas, and my wife's considerably older cousin was with the Army Corps of Engineers at the Battle of the Bulge building airfields under fire. Veterans are a good fraternity.


Jan 14, 2012
Southwest Louisiana
Did a tour in S Asia in the early sixties, was in Norfolk Naval hospital where a nurse bought me a pipe from the gedunk, smoked it in the janitors closet at night. My Oldest son 82 Airbone was in Desert Storm, also jumped with the old timers for the 50th in Normandy, my twin daughter was a Crew Chief on a Gun ship. My fathers brother fought from Africa to Germany. I love this Country, DONT burn the Flag around me!


Can't Leave
Dec 29, 2020
I've got quite a robust military history in my family as well @pipestud

I served 9 in the USCG and another 3 in the TXSG. My wife retired from the USCG w/20. My little brother did a hitch in the Army. Two of my uncles served; one a Marine the other in the Navy. Two cousins were both Naval aviators. Both of my grandfathers were Navy men, one continued on as a Merchant Marine.

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This is us last year at her retirement ceremony.
Good on you both. Thank you. 🍀


Sep 13, 2013
SsJones: You put a tear in my eye with the cemetery pic. Yes sir! A real tear. Make sure she knows all about him.