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Part of the Furniture Now
Jul 6, 2023
Maryland, United States
I use something very similar for traveling. A leather toiletries bag holds a cob and briar (briar in a sunglasses case) along with 3 smaller jars. The side zipper pocket can fit a pack of cleaners and a Bic lighter or a couple boxed of matches depending on your pleasure.

Does it work as well as a purpose built pipe case? Probably not. The day my cob breaks in there is coming. The only protection my pipe has is a sunglasses case. Nothing stopping the jars from breaking though. Were it me, I'd get a dedicated pipe case on sale somewhere and feel better about bringing my pipes further than my wife's car.
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Might Stick Around
Jul 12, 2023
Upstate NY, USA
Okay, sounds like not a good idea. I might note that at present I have one $20 pipe and a few $9 pipes, so if they break it’s not a huge loss. I haven’t ventured into the better pipes yet. Also, this will be a road trip, so no worries about baggage handling.

At any rate, are there recommendations for a quality pipe bag?
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UB 40

Jul 7, 2022
Cologne/ Germany
I have a domke camera bag, very thin very smart because it lacks of the usual padding those bags have and carry my Nikons and several lenses in that bag for years now on a daily basis, separated from one another only with a minimum of pvc foam and fabric. Of course I carry the bag close to my body. Nothing worse happened ever. In the last two years I usually carry a pipe without case in one of the smaller compartments on the front, often a cob. Sometimes I separate the stem from the stummel. That’s all.

I wouldn’t take a 1000 Dollars pipe there anyways. It might break if it’s accidentally hit by a car. But then the car will hit me as well and I have other problems than a broken pipe.
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Staff member
Jul 28, 2013
Burlington WI
That looks like a decent set up for a travel bag. I have a nylon 4 pipe case that has been in use for atleast 8 years now, and it has outlasted two other actual leather cases. The lining is what seems to give out, in the tobacco pouch area. No one wants to pull their pipes out, and see them covered in dry tobacco bits.....ugh ...
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Aug 15, 2012
Just about anything works if you avoid rough handling. I’m sure I’ve used a dopp kit to tote a few pipes & tins. My (limited) experience with pipe bags/pouches is they can be tailored for straight or smaller pipes & don’t fit my stuff well. I generally repurpose a small/medium pouch (E.g. Maxpedition Fatty, Beefy, etc) or handgun case. Even the soft-sided pisol cases/bags have a bit of padding. - -

Egg Shen

Nov 26, 2021
i never could settle on a dedicated case. They all have design flaws to me. Instead I grab whatever handy vessel and throw in 1 cob, 1 briar, just wrapped in a hand towel, and 2 meerschaum pipes which have their own hard cases. This is sufficient for a week of travel. Ain’t lost a piece yet.


Jan 7, 2020
I’m going on a two-week vacation in a month, and I am thinking of buying a leather dopp kit like this one: - Mainly because the dopp kit is much less expensive than a pipe bag. Is there any reason that might be a bad idea and I should get the pipe bag instead?
I use something like this when I travel. Mine is old, crappy, and found in a back closet. It’s perfect for what I need.
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Charter Member
May 5, 2009
I’m well stocked with pipe luggage and rarely travel anymore but when I was on the road for weeks at a time (and you could still get a smoking room) my Ultimate Pipe Bag was my constant companion. The thing that sets it apart from the others is that it fits larger and bent pipes without the squeeze.


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