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Mar 7, 2013
...giant bug-covered fuzzy weeds that grew in mud and dirt that somebody cut down, took to a barn, and dried into papery sheets. Then (sometimes) even saturated with smoke or packed into barrels... and left there for years.

To rot.

MMMMmmmmmmmm... :) :) :)
...and after 47 years of burning it in a little wooden bowl inches from my face---that's connected to my mouth with a tube---I still can't get enough.



Oct 3, 2019
There’s a whole disconnect in the modern world of how we wish to see things, i.e, the marketing, from the reality of it. And that the reality is somehow not good or sanitized enough.

For example, humans who have never farmed are often a curious lot, expecting their food to grow in some sort clean room, rather than a bustling ecosystem of bacteria, insects, fungus, animals and their effluents.

Similarly, I always appreciate the pics posted by artisans of their freshly polished, pristine pipes, but held with a workshop hand, covered in the grime that accumulates from hard work. It shows that the perfection of the pipe was bought with dirt, grime, and effort in the workshop.