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Mar 17, 2018
Toronto Ontario, Canada
Hey guys

I’ve been smoking aromatics for a while now and have recently began my journey into different blends. So far it’s been a delight, I have been purchasing blends based on the written reviews I’ve been reading. I would however like some recommendations from experienced smokers as well. I have jumped into the Lakeland’s head first and really enjoy those blends. I than began investigating this Latakia that I have read about. My first go at this was Lane HGL and Dunhill BB and than I really hit it with some C&D Pirate Kake. I also have a tin of the beloved Frigate on the way to try. So far I absolutely love this stuff. My favorite being the Pirate Kake. So Smokey and rich, I find myself craving another bowl. Are there any other blends that are Latakia forward that you gents would recommend ? Also for a smoker that is beginning his travels into different blends altogether, are there any blends that would start me off in the right direction ?

I have a tin of C&D burley which I haven’t cracked yet.

Any help would be great. Thanks boys



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Mar 13, 2018
SC Piedmont
"Well, there's your problem!" Sorry, aro, cheap joke, it's Friday, gimme a break. :twisted:
Seriously, both wife & I like just plain lat straight; I like to smoke it, she likes to smell it. Any good heavy English is going to be good if it has enough of the evyl weed. If you like PK you'll love Frigate!



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May 23, 2018
Some of my favorites are John Cotton's Smyrna, Presbyterian, Balkan Sasieni and Sutliff Heavy English (bulk) in that order.



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Mar 28, 2018
Colorado Springs
I’ll chime in with Westminster. I think it is the best tinned English out there. For bulk I’d recommend Balkan Supreme and Stokkebye Proper English. Oh, and Black Frigate is definitely one of my favorites, but it doesn’t have a lot of Latakia. It’s oriental forward.



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May 26, 2012
United States
I would recommend you jumping into the world of flakes. Read up on cube cutting and fold and stuff if you decide to try any. I would start with the following blends.

Escudo= Virginia/Perique

Capstan Blue Flake= Straight Virginia

Mac Baren Old Dark Fired= Virginia/Burley

Savinelli Doblone d'Oro- Virginia.Perique/Kentucky