Tinsky Christmas Pipe Collection on Ebay

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Staff member
May 11, 2011
This is a little sad.

The seller is just a big fan of Tinsky pipes and used to be a participating forum member (tinpan). I met in at the last CORPS show in Va, where he showed this collection, and had a ready to print book. The book never made it. I'm sure his name was Robin, but I can't recall the last name.
The seller was a customer of the now closed JB Hayes show in Northern VA (John Hayes ran that one). Johns son, Matthew still runs the JB Hayes in Winchester VA. As mentioned in the ebay ad, John was one of the original seller of Tinsky Christmas pipes. John makes a living as a fishing guide on the Potomac and Mark is a big fishing enthusiast, so I guess they hit it off early. JM Boswell well said they all three used to travel to shows together, I guess that would have been in the late 80's?
Robin started thread here in 2013, with a Tinsky Advent theme, detailing a pipe per day.

It's too bad that Robin's health forces the sale. He was quite passionate about this collection, I'm sure it pains him to sell it. I remember him being a decent guy, but a tad optimistic in this sale.



Preferred Member
May 12, 2015
Monterey Peninsula
Range? $50 to $10,000! Average? Median? A new one from an established but not revered (or dead) carver I'd GUESS is around $400.
Thank God I am not a fan of most of Mr. Tinsky's creations....Thinking a new car for wifey instead of that collection!



Preferred Member
May 6, 2011
Well, it could happen that he gets bite at that price but I wouldn't think so.



Apr 20, 2013
Other than John Hayes, I think that Robin is the only other person to have the entire Christmas Pipe Collection. When he came to shows and displayed them, he would be offered outrageous amounts for them. Who knows, maybe he will get what he is asking for. I wish him the best of luck.

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