The (Un)Official PipesMagazine Secret Santa 2021!

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Oct 13, 2021
Welcome to the 2021 Edition
of the

(Un)Official Secret Santa Extravaganza!
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Unlike the past couple of years, I’m getting in early on this dumpster fire of a thread, but that doesn’t mean that you are free to sit around with your pollex firmly implanted in your anal sphincter up until the last minute. Now is the time to get out there and corral your fellow forum friends, especially if you live outside of the USA, and get this party rolling. I’d really like to see a better representation of the world map here this year. Especially you Canucks, eh? So, please consider agreeing to (possibly) shipping your gift internationally. It makes my job much easier when it comes to making the matches, and makes it possible for more people around the world to participate in our Secret Santa.

For those of you who are new to the concept, Secret Santa is the gift exchange held every year since 2011. Organized and supported by the members of, it is not in any way affiliated with the ownership, management or sponsors of This is strictly a volunteer effort that is successful only because of the forum members who participate. If you want to get a feel for what it is, take look back at past year’s events:

Secret Santa 2020

Secret Santa 2019

Secret Santa 2018

Secret Santa 2017

Secret Santa 2016

Like all good things we have a couple of arcane, convoluted simple rules in play to make sure that no one gets a nose out of joint, a stocking full of coal, or re-packaged Carter Hall in a tin with pornographic tin art (for the record, it was Pirate Kake -ed.).

The Rules
You Must:

  1. Have a minimum of 75 posts (by today) or be vouched for by a member who has at least 300 posts and is participating in this year’s Secret Santa. No exceptions.
  2. Agree to send a gift of two (2) sealed tobacco tins, pouches, etc. of 50g each (or the equivalent volume of bulk tobacco in sealed condition), incurring all costs for both the present and the shipping.
  3. Post to this thread when you have shipped your present to your target victim giftee.
  4. Post to this thread when you have received your present from your Secret Santa.
  5. Enjoy what you receive, in the spirit of camaraderie and fellowship that guided your Secret Santa's selection of a gift to you. (Seriously? We need a "no complaining" rule?)
  6. Post pictures or at least a summary of the goodies you received from your Secret Santa to this thread.
  7. “Favorite” this thread so that you can keep up with the adventure!
  8. I'll think of something.
Participants outside the USA:

We welcome your participation! I will make every effort to match you with someone from your country or trade bloc so as to minimize your shipping costs and potential customs fees. However that may not be possible. If you sign up for the Secret Santa exchange, and you do not live in the US, you agree to mail your gift internationally and to accept your gift package from another country and pay whatever customs fees may be charged to you.

The Long Form and Fine Print:

Registration for this year's Secret Santa will close on Sunday, November 28th. I will send all participants the name and mailing address of their intended target by Tuesday, November 30th. Once you have received the name and address of your giftee, please take a second to look on this thread for any of their pipe-smoking particulars updates and then send your present tout de suite so that it arrives before Christmas.
It's up to you to decide when, where and how to open your present, but I thought that it might be cool to do the UnBoxing Day Event online again. So be sure to tune in and chime in on Christmas Day and show us all what you found under the tobacco tree. Either way, if you just can’t wait until Christmas, please be certain to come back here and post some pix of your bounty.

Participating in this thread is half the fun of Secret Santa, so be sure to stop by early and often.

The FAQ, Ma'am, Just the FAQ - Answers to Common Questions

- Hey Dan! So two tins is the recommended size of the present. Can I send more than that?
Answer – In past years, the sky was the limit, and some of us felt that things got a little out of hand. Sure, feel free to send more, but please be reasonable.

Question - Hey Dan! Something unexpected/bad/sad/financially-debilitating just happened and I can't honor my commitment to send out my present to my giftee. What should I do?
Answer - Hey, we totally get that life happens and that sometimes the unfortunate and unexpected happens, prohibiting us from honoring our commitments. IF THIS HAPPENS PLEASE CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY. I can not stress this enough. there is no shame in having to back out, if you contact me so that alternate partners can be arranged.

Question - Hey Dan! It's Christmas Day (December 25th) and I have not received my present from my Secret Santa. What should I do?
Answer - If you do not receive your gift by December 25th LET ME KNOW.

Question - Hey Dan! I don't like (enter tobacco product name here). How do I let my Secret Santa know what my likes and dislikes are?
Answer – Include it in the sign up form, but I'd also use this thread right here to advise folks what your likes and dislikes are. I can't guarantee that they'll be respected, but at least you will have made your desires known.

And, finally, I would be a total putz if I didn’t acknowledge the great Santa’s that came before me: Duncan started this whole thing back in 2011 (I think). Mrgunnar177 picked up the reins after that and Pruss honed it into the fine running machine that is now. I have worn the red cap since 2017.

The Signup

CLICK HERE and fill out the Online Secret Santa Signup Form.
Then post your Secret Santa tobacco preferences and other musings here on this thread.

Ho, Ho, Ho... Here we go!

- San
Filled out form and eager to participate in the fun of gifting. I'm generally willing to try anything someone feels inclined to share, it's the thought that counts most. I've moved away from the typical aromatics that many beginners start with and enjoy such blends as Presbyterian, EMP, HH Burley (and a few others in that line), Robert Lewis Wingfield & Orcilla blends, Briar Fox, Peterson Flake, Merde de Cheval, .........