The Newest Part Of My Brigham Collection. (Pic Heavy)

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Starting to Get Obsessed
Jul 14, 2012
Northern, Ontario. Canada
Perhaps some of you know that I am fan and collector of Brigham Pipes and Memorabilia. I a have certain fondness for Brigham. The old factory was down the street from where I grew up in Toronto and finding the old "Canadian Made" estates is always a great treasure hunt.
This past month my Dad gave me a early Birthday Present. Now when he presented me with this gift, i will say I am not one to ever swear in front of my parents, but when I opened the case i let out a rare "Holy Fuck". It was classic.
What he gave me was a ultra-rare 9-dot custom case Brigham pipe hand carved with a Inuit motive.
Turns out the same night was the October "Lakeshore Smokestacks" meeting so we were able to chat about it. We came up with some ideas, but none for sure. So I contacted Penelope at Brigham whom I have had the pleasure to meet a couple times at various meetings, and she is always interested and willing to help in this matter.
So I sent along pics and just last night I got a reply, as seen below. Pretty wild history and score in my books..
From Penelope:
Hi Chris,
I spoke with Dan and here is what he was able to find out with regards to the pic of the pipe that you sent us. He remembers seeing it about 10-15 years ago along with one that was more intricately carved with dogs pulling a sled. Both these pipes are one of a kind.
This according to Mr. More:
Mr. B (Herb Brigham) was a very curious gentlemen. Always exploring new techniques and methods or just simply questioning the status quo as he was fond of saying, “just for fun”. He remained curious until the day he passed. As a result of Mr. B’s curiosity, he traveled extensively bringing back with him curios and more “just for fun” notions. In the late 1960’s and 1970’s the Canadian north was made accessible to the lay traveler. The Polar Bear Express from Cochrane to Moosonee helped with opening the north when it was launched in 1964. It was also around this time that James Houston, with backing from the Federal government, started to bring Inuit carvings south. Although so common now there was a time when these carvings did not exist south of 60th parallel. It would be the combining of these events that culminated into the pipe you are inquiring about.
Unfortunately, when these pipes were found Mr. B’s memory was not what is used to be and he recollected “bringing these back from a trip north”. Other bits of the story have lead me to think instead, that he took a couple of pieces of briar block with him and left them to be carved. Unfortunately, without a signature it is impossible to know who the carver was. The 9 Dot pinning was applied to identify the pipes as extraordinary and outside the norm. To think that the pinning was achieved without the aid of a guide or template is a testament to the skills of our pipe makers at that time. I have never seen another case like the case with this pipe.
Now you have a story to go along with your, literally, one of a kind find.
Enjoy and we will chat soon.










Jul 13, 2011
Wow that is awesome! Looks like a nice piece of briar too, nice bottom grain. Thanks for the story, that is super cool. So where did your dad find it?



Starting to Get Obsessed
Sep 5, 2013
NW Indiana
An amazing one off. Priceless. You are a fortunate owner. Be sure to document the provenance you have acquired.
Interesting stinger. It appears altering the smoking path is a long held tradition.



Feb 6, 2013
Thanks for sharing the story of that pipe, Damnyak. I'm glad Penelope was able to chase that down for you.
@jkenp - Brigham has been using a rock maple filter for over 50 years, if I'm reading their website correctly, it looks like they started experimenting with different materials to solve for tongue bite in the 30s. The filter has an aluminum cap and sits in an aluminum sleeve... I believe that on some pipes the sleeve is now delrin. Here is a link to Brigham's page on the filter -
Damnyak, we knew it was a special pipe when we saw it, but a one-of-a-kind... that's a helluva find, mate. SO happy for you.
-- Pat



Dec 30, 2012
Such a great story Chris! The pictures do not do it justice, its an absolutely gorgeous pipe that had the guys in awe when you pulled it out. Your Dad is the man when it comes to finding unique and rare pipes!



Jun 27, 2012
Man that is so cool. I let out a Holy @*#@ of my own when I saw the pics. I'm happy for you man.



Can't Leave
Jul 2, 2013
What a great pipe, congrats!
It's wonderful that you got to know some of the backstory on the pipe.



Can't Leave
Apr 12, 2013
I want to see that one in person next time we meet!

Amazing looking pipe, and a classic Brigham for your collection...what more can a smoker ask?




Can't Leave
May 31, 2013
Amazing. If we had a National Gallery of Pipes that would be a star attraction. Has it been smoked? Regardless, think that one's for display now, not so much for puffing! Glad Brigham does seem to have a sense of its history. I'm sad they're not making their pipes here anymore.

Jan 8, 2013
Very cool story :) Thanks for sharing. I hope you treasure that pipe, not only as a one of a kind work of art, but as a great gift from your father. I'm willing to bet you will. Enjoy :)



Starting to Get Obsessed
Jul 14, 2012
Northern, Ontario. Canada
@rockymtnsmoker....It is Unsmoked..
@shutterbug....will bring it for sure.
By reading the story from Penelope, I question whether it was from Herb Brigham's personal collection, I have started to see if I can find any back history if there was an Estate Auction after he passed on Sept 10, 2010.

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