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Senior Member
Apr 26, 2012
I got three packages in the mail today, two trades, and one my ataldis free sample. I now have a tin of Molto Dolce (also had a small sample of Charlemagne), Tabac Noir, and Maple Street. They all smell wonderful and Tabac Noir was a great smoke. I'm not going to pretend that I am enough of a connoisseur to pick out much in the way of differences between the blends. I can definitely sort out the maple in the maple street, and the honey on Molto Dolce. They all seem to have a pretty hefty aroma of Rum and if the Tabac Noir was any indication, the others should all be good smokes.



Preferred Member
May 8, 2011
I still havent found a sutliff I enjoy, and by enjoy I mean remotely like.... They are so readily available but I cant find one sad



Preferred Member
Mar 7, 2012
Sunset Beach NC
@jchaplick : Blend 5 is a pretty good English, I was surprised. I only had one encounter with their aromatics : French Quarter. That one didn't go further than a few puffs past the "true light". But then, there are few aros that I actually enjoy.



Feb 12, 2012
Chapin, SC
Molto Dolce is a good smoke, if you dry it out some and sip it slowly. Not a go to by any stretch, but nice when you're wanting something sweet.



Senior Member
Jun 15, 2011
I received a tin of Number 5 also. Do not want to jinx myself,

so i am not saying how many tins I recived from them.




Preferred Member
Jan 24, 2011
Happy Hunting Grounds
I got the free sample of No. 5. It is a nice smoke.
I smoke the hell out of their Roma Vita.
Funny thing is that EJames sent me about a half ounce of it once, saying he couldn't stand it. That is what got me started on it.



Preferred Member
Jan 30, 2012
Hazel Green AL
I have smoked of theirs

Molte Dolce

Taste of Summer

Number 5

Top Shelf

Maple Street

Black Swan

and South Seas
Liked them all but Black Swan.



Feb 29, 2012
Albany, Oregon
Recieved a tin of their Alexander Bridge yesterday. Nice stuff, a bit on the "bites like an angry wasp" side, but good virginia flavor. Smells a little bit sweetened in the tin, but not a lot of that comes through after you light it up. I like it, but honestly, I'm not sure that it's going to replace anything in my heart.



Senior Member
May 18, 2012
Just smoked my first bowl of Molto Dolce about 5 minutes ago and I liked it.It was a good sweet mild smoke.Needs to be dried out a little though.



New member
Sep 13, 2012
I smoke quite a bit of the Sutliff "Kentucky Planter". This is one of my favorite daily smokes.Smooth and rich with a nose that can't be beat in my mind. Goes great paired with a good cup of coffee straight out of storage, no drying required. Notes of oak, wheat, honey, and a warm Indian Summer morning.
I have a tin of their "Black Swan" but frankly it is a bit wet for me, and far too mild. I like the risk of a bit of bite if one smokes too quickly. With Black Swan, one needs bellows to even come close. I also find it lacking in any sense or taste of the rich, heady flavors I normally prefer.It looks like it should be a magnificent smoke, that oily coal black flake, but it never really delivers for me. Of course my wife loves the room on this one, but I think I may end up blending the tin into some cavedish or perhaps letting it age more with some Maker's Mark. Sometimes however, I just want to smoke for the sake of something different, and this bland stuff fits the bill. It successfully reignites my love of other Sutliff products.

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