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Sep 1, 2021
Romney, WV
We have all heard of the possible tobacco tax increase. Things will be what they will be, but I like to solve problems before they begin. Now I have enough tobacco stored to last until I'm 150, but in the chance that I live to 200 I don't want the last 50 years to be an eternal pain in the ass with no tobacco. So what is the answer; increase the stockpile. I have no desire to pay 200% more for a tub of tobacco. The Bill may not pass Congress, but why take the chance. I don't want to be the guy who swats a little old lady for the last roll of toilet paper during a pandemic, but a man has gotta do what he hasta do. Grab that baccy and stockpile.


May 16, 2021
Cowra, New South Wales, Australia.
If there were a time to introduce new taxes, a pandemic would be that time.
I sincerely hope not - but in this PC climate (not that it's anything new) taxing tobacco would seem like a no brainer to those who could care less, or flat out detest smoking.

Living with Covid may cement that into certain people's heads, especially seeing loved ones having to suffer with the symptoms and life long effects on the respiratory system.
Don't stop the cellaring, the tax man is going to win one of these days.

Again, I hope I'm wrong, but I can see Politicians milking this Covid for all they can.


Mar 22, 2018
I am just under 50 lbs in my cellar. I likely will not smoke all of it in my lifetime. Right now I am at a point where I am targeting certain blends to stock up on. I feel good about what I have and will likely only go deeper as opposed to wider. Although with that said I still try new blends here and there


Part of the Furniture Now
Jul 12, 2013
At this point I'm buying for my children's children to enjoy when they are adults. I have enough for my personal enjoyment, but my kids and their future kids don't.

Plus...if I'm going to continue to encourage people to enjoy the hobby of pipe smoking I better have a larger stash of stuff to gift away.

In sum, I'm buying for others at this point.


Feb 21, 2013
I don't stockpile exactly, but I smoke only a bowl a day, sometimes two sometimes none, but I order a few blends every month or three, so it accumulates. If tobacco became rare, I'd probably go to a few bowls a week, and what I have in house would last me for years. After that, if i was so lucky to be alive and pipe smoking, I suppose I'd either settle for the basic brands available or grow a row of plants in the yard.


May 26, 2012
Sarasota Florida
I built my cellar for a number of reasons, one being so that I could enjoy smoking nothing but aged tobacco. I also cellared so that if any of my favorites got discontinued I would have plenty. So far I have had 4-5 different blends get discontinued and I had cellared them all deep. I also cellared because the prices back in 2012 were a lot less expensive than prices today. My biggest fear at the time I was cellaring was having pipe tobacco be outlawed from being sold on the internet. It is one of the biggest reasons I committed to building my cellar in one year or less.

I saw how Washington St outlawed pipe tobacco being sold into their state. I saw how Florida put an 85% wholesale tax on pipe tobacco making it impossible for me to ever visit my b/m and buy tins there. I wasn't going to pay 23.00 for a tin of Samuel Gawith tobacco when I could get it online for 9.00 and change.

I was told I was crying wolf for no reason and that I was just being paranoid. Looking at prices today my cellar cost around 20-40 percent less than todays prices. I built my cellar of 20 plus years in around 1 year. I built fast and deep and wide enough for my tastes.

I did add a few things later on as one of my favorite blends came back on the market after being off it for years. I didn't screw around and bought 100 tins after buying one test tin. This was back in 2015 and the blend was Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky. Those people cannot make up their minds whether they want to be in America or not.

I also added a few other blends like Curly Block, Salty Dogs, Savinelli Doblone d'Oro, 2013 Capstan Gold Ready Rubbed and Butera Royal Vintage: Dark Stoved which is pretty much the same as Dark Star and the Butera was discontinued. The only one of the above that I went real deep (140 tins) was the Butera as I knew in advance of the announcement that McClelland was calling it quits.

My cellar will out last me and my kids know how to sell the remainder for big bucks.


Starting to Get Obsessed
Feb 1, 2014
To store or not to store ... the endless debate. I got caught up in the deeming scare -- which still may happen -- back in 2013-14 or so. Any blend made after something like 2009 was going to go away. Didn't happen. Still could happen.

Yes, prices are going up (apparently). Just checked the "new" Bengal Slices, up from @$13 to $16 and and Pease blends about $1-2 from when I bought. I don't doubt that states or the feds wouldn't mind taxing the heck out of tobacco more. (Inevitable). I don't think that pipe tobacco will be outlawed, simply because governments need us to smoke tobacco to tax us for it.

If you're worried about tobacco supply in the future, though, you don't have to buy everything at once, which can be daunting both logistically and financially. Try this: When you're placing your normal order of x, y an z, just order another 2 oz. tin or two of x, y,z and set them aside. You can cellar pretty quickly that way.