Stanwell Rubberized Pipe?

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Nov 14, 2009
Flowery Branch, GA
Gonna get the freak on with this one!

I wonder if it bounces when you drop it...
Edit: Added picture, Bubba



Aug 14, 2011
The rubber melts when you smoke it; it creates a cool effect. That's all I've got.... forgive me.



Mar 22, 2011
Edgewood Texas
Interesting. I've seen a couple of Stanwell Mojos on Ebay, but didnt realize they were rubber coated.

Not sure how I feel about that. Seems like it could get funky if you smoked the pipe to hot, and seems like it wouldn't allow the briar to dry well between smokes.

But who knows, could be the greatest thing since tinned tobacco.



Jan 17, 2010
woodlands tx
The clear box is cool that it should come in . Maybe it is high heat rubber , kevlar for your pipe . Would thatmake it bullet proof . :D



Starting to Get Obsessed
Apr 23, 2012
An old thread, but I found it looking for actual reviews of the Stanwell Mojo, that I cannot find anywhere.
Chacom has a similar line of pipes: Chacom Panthere ( And I still have not been able to find out the material (feels rubberized, but it's not it). People will be surprised that they are coated in the inside too. I have 1 Panthere, and these are facts:
- They are amazingly light. I am guessing that the point of rubberizing is allowing for thinner lighter material but keeping insulation from the heat.

- Whatever the material is, it puts the absorbing quality of meerschaum to shame. You can spit in it, and see the water disappear in front of your eyes. When the bowl is finished of smoking, the inside is dry as just new. Clean the inside with a piece of paper, and even months passed, it looks like from the box. It is a very clean pipe, and makes a very clean smoking experience.

- Because it has no wood to cake, and it stays dry, you can use it freely as much as you want. No need to let it rest. It makes an excellent travel pipe.
My impression is that this is a new materials experiment that gets more similarities from Meerschaum pipes, rather than from briar: Clean ghost-free smoking, light, dry. It will not get nicely colored from smoking it, but on the up side, it is 100% scratch free and quite shockproof. It is not my best smoking pipe, but it certainly is good enough, and with the rest of its qualities, it becomes my most used one. After having such a good experience with a Chacom, that I know are mediocre pipes, I am eager to try the Stanwell.

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