Squadron Leader, MMM-MMM Good

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Feb 21, 2013
A Forums member sent me a small and large tin of Barbary Coast because I mentioned enjoying it, and he was off Perique. Most generously, he also sent me five other blends, one of which is SG Squadron Leader. I'm really getting to like it. It's a Virginia based English with Latakia and Orientals, but the artistry is in the balance. The Lat is plentiful, but not overbearing, and the Orientals are proportioned just right to give the base and Lat a bit of zing. I'm not jiminks at profiling flavors, but I'm getting to enjoy this more and more. It has a resonance that rises above the usual English blends. It's a Lakelands blend for me.


Starting to Get Obsessed
Jan 17, 2021
Years ago I smoked about a tin of Squadron Leader and one of Skiff Mixture, alternating bowls between the two. I say about a tin because both were from 250g boxes, so its a guess. After getting to know both fairly well, I can say that Squadron Leader came out on top. Two thumbs up.


Can't Leave
May 23, 2018
San Francisco
SQ is a relaxing English blend. I like to smoke it while holding the pipe in my mouth ad I do other things.
If you like orientals, Dreams Of Kardashian by C&D provides them with peripheral and barley complexity without the latakia.
Happy you are enjoying English!
I had dreams of Kardashian once but I was violently woken up by a slap across my face from my wife.


Jul 10, 2018
Las Vegas
Squadron Leader, in addition to being just a great English blend, has a little something extra to it that sets it apart from the crowd. This "something extra" is also very nicely in balance with the blend.

If I were allowed only one English blend this would definitely be a contender.

Terry Lennox

Starting to Get Obsessed
Aug 11, 2021
Southern California
I prefer Squadron Leader when fresh, with no age, right out of the newest tin or 250 gram box you can find. It is fragrant and floral and you can pick out the orientals and pinpoint every component.

After exposure to much oxygen--or time in a jar-- it will lose some of it's distinct high notes. Still good but you will not ever repeat that experience and power of the fresh mix.


Part of the Furniture Now
Aug 28, 2012
Yea the true flavor is when it’s fresh. This has been one of my favorites for about ten years now. An extremely well balanced blend.