Smoking a Tin Until Done or Whatever Strikes Your Fancy?

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Starting to Get Obsessed
Jan 5, 2020
I tend to fall into the later category myself. TobaccoCellar tells me I have 69 open blends at the moment and I reach for whatever I'm craving. I know of several other pipe smokers who choose a blend and smoke it until that particular container is empty and then reach for another. Is there a method to your madness when choosing tobacco or do you just smoke what you want when you want it?


Aug 1, 2018
I have stacks of tiny jars with 0.7oz in them all over my desk and bookshelfs lol. I'm trying to finish a few of those before I open any more tins. Although, as I say that, there is a sealed tin of green label Squadron Leader that keeps finding it's way into my pipe pouch this week. It really wants me to open it.


Jul 10, 2015
Dalzell, South Carolina
I have alot of apothecary jars and OTC tubs open. Everything that is open is fair game. I have 2 cabinets filled with sealed mason jars and they don't get opened until I run out the blend in a particular apothecary jar. The blends in the cabinets have at least 2 to 5 years of aging.


Feb 21, 2016
Corfu Greece
I try to smoke from a selection of 10-15 open tins / jars which are opened regularly, finish them, then smoke others.
Having said that I have a few additional jars which were originally open, smoked and partially jarred. I may open these jars from time to time.
I am like you about 6 tins open and another 10 mason jars with bulk in that I fill tins from so total of about 15-16 at any one time.I try not to open a new tin until one is empty,sometimes I am successful moreoften not


Part of the Furniture Now
Mar 24, 2012
Southport, North Carolina
I keep a pretty firm rotation of 12 smoking blends. Once one is finished I select something new from the cellar to replace it. Rarely does anything recently purchase enter the roatation unless I’m dying to try it, or think it might be a cellaring deep candidate. At 2-3 bowls a day, this dozen blend rotation has created the perfect balance, for me, of breadth of selection, getting to know a blend well, and frequent enough new additions to keep it interesting.


Can't Leave
Apr 26, 2020
I’ve only got 4-5 different tobaccos in my rotation, all bought in bulk, so I don’t have tons of opened tins laying around or anything like that. Just a few small containers that get refilled from larger storage containers when empty. I just grab whatever I’m in the mood for at the moment.