Sick Next Day After Smoking

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Nov 8, 2017
Hi y'all!

I just started smoking a pipe last month. Everytime I have used it, I've been around friends who have a vague knowledge of how to use it, so I don't breathe the smoke in and I generally take small quick sips. I haven't been able to smoke the pipe all the way down yet but I can get about 30 min in. I feel fine while I'm smoking, but in the morning, I wake up with a horrible headache, I feel jittery and heart racing that lasts awhile and also have the craziest dreams/nightmares and wake up constantly. Also, my chest hurts like someone sucker punched me.

I do take really big puffs (I want to learn to make smoke rings so halfway through I concentrate on that) and I do drink a glass of wine (which I just read you might shouldn't do?). I really want to pick up this hobby so do y'all know why I feel so terrible the next day or have any advice on how to avoid the sicks?

Thank y'all very much!
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Welcome to the forums.

What tobacco are you smoking? Sounds great to me! Are you sure it isn't the wine making you sick?

I think that they key to doing smoke tricks and playing in big clouds is finding a smokey mixture or latakia blend or even some aromatics. Some tobaccos just aren't meant to be all billowy.

And, if smoke rings are your goal, you might try cigars, but they would probably kill you if pipe tobacco gives you such a reaction.

I'll be anxious to hear how this resolves. Again, welcome.



Dec 29, 2016
Please don't be offended or take this the wrong way.
If something makes you sick to the point you described, why continue?
Chalk it up to experience, find a good home for your pipe(s) and move on to something that gives you pleasure. Your body is telling you that pipes are not for you.



Starting to Get Obsessed
Oct 31, 2017
I would of thought being a smoker for over 40 years, that if you don't inhale i find it highly unlikely that the pipe is causing you sickness. Your wine may of been dodgy which i know happens, i have been sick due to alcohol but never due to tobacco, i have been light-headed with tobacco but never sick and that was after inhaling.



Jul 21, 2015
I feel fine while I'm smoking, but in the morning, I wake up with a horrible headache, I feel jittery and heart racing that lasts awhile and also have the craziest dreams/nightmares and wake up constantly. Also, my chest hurts like someone sucker punched me.
This sounds like an allergic reaction. I would go no further until you can isolate a specific part of the practice that brings this on. If your chest hurts, however, it sounds to me like you are inhaling, and keep in mind that this will dehydrate you, which could explain the other symptoms.



Staff member
May 12, 2015
Carmel Valley, CA
A.) Smoke in the day time, not before bed.

B.) Forget about smoke rings. Smaller puffs or "sips" of the smoke.
Good luck.



Jun 26, 2016
Near Toronto, Ontario, Canada
My advice to you would be either you inhaled the smoke (so don't) or you smoked too much or too fast (sounds like you didn't).
I usually take small sips, keep the fire in the bowl barely lit, and don't worry about blowing smoke. That works for me.
The lucid dreams comment suggests it was something else.



Starting to Get Obsessed
Oct 28, 2017
If ur gonna be sick feelin Mate; it'll happen durin the bowl or bowls. Unless you over indulged it should be a heady, and bit queasy feelin untill you git used to nicotine. Try something more mild such as Carter Hall an see where that takes you. Off chance, but still likely that you're dehydrating yourself a bit; hence the headache. Milder baccy, an a bit more water to sip is the key untill your body adjusts to the Nic. Inhaling or not; you are taking smoke in your lungs and if your not used to it ; hence the tightness or ache in the chest. Once again, it's an adjustment over time.



Feb 21, 2013
If it were me, I'd just abandon the activity. It could be the pipe, or the tobacco, or the wine. You could try eliminating each of these (using a different pipe, different tobacco), but after a few rounds of still feeling poorly, why persist? People are so different. You may well have allergies, or be inhaling more smoke than you know. If it isn't fun, don't do it.

Nov 14, 2009
Flowery Branch, GA
Agreeing with wasnsfisher and deathmetal a bit. Some tobaccos would cause a migraine with myself or my late wife. There's a couple of blends that no matter how slow I smoke, or how hydrated I am, I get sick from it. Usually during smoking. I always chopped it up to a certain type of tobacco, or that specific strain/batch.



Jun 6, 2017
I find that nicotine gives me crazy dreams/"nightmares", as well.
I rather enjoy it and often puff it up before bed time.



Sep 14, 2015
@Tzeitel - Chest pain is a bad sign from ANY activity. I recommend seeing your doctor and making sure the ticker is OK. That said, the kind of tobacco you are smoking may be the culprit. Some tobaccos I don't tolerate as well as others. Make sure your heart is healthy, try smoking without wine, try another blend with different tobaccos, and if it still makes you ill, quit.



Nov 8, 2017
Thanks for all the awesome replies!
I'll try smoking in the day and no wine (I've never got sick on wine, but maybe I can't do the combo?). And I'll try a few new tobacco. I've been using a blend called vanilla custard from my smoke shop, bc he suggested it for beginners. I have some mountain mist that I'll try and it could be that it's that particular tobacco I can't handle.
I'll forget about smoke rings until I get used to it and see what the problem is. But I desperately want to smoke rings like Aragorn. That's the whole reason I wanted to start!
Thanks so much for all the support and suggestions!
Oh jaytex, I'm glad someone else has had crazy dreams too from smoking! So at least I know I'm not going crazy!



Sep 9, 2017
The Arm of Orion
According to info from Wikipedia, nicotine does cause strange dreams. I verified this when I was trying to get started on snuff. I 'snuffed' several times one night and although I didn't have nightmares, the dreams were... well, strange: kinda vivid, with unpleasant imagery/situations, kinda feeling a bit sick (maybe that's what a headache feels like when you're sleeping, who knows), all combined. After that, no nicotine for me for at least 3-4 hours before bedtime, and I've never experienced that again.
Some people can mix tobacco and alcohol, some can't. I once heard a former classmate speaking of how he got loaded and was feeling OK, but he had the brilliant idea of having a cigarette and got real sick and/or it made his hangover worse. I wouldn't drink whilst having a pipe.
Also, nicotine constricts the blood vessels, which might (or not) explain the constricted chest feeling. I think I had a similar experience when taking snuff. I've experienced that with a pipe a few times. Never with cigarettes (disclosure: I never inhale the smoke, not even when smoking cigarettes –I merely retrohale).
I'd ask the tobacconist what kind of leaf is in that blend; it might be related to a certain kind of tobacco, especially if it's an allergic reaction.
I'd start by no longer combining stimulants/stunts, and just smoke the pipe slowly using a mild blend, and never inhaling. If you still get sick from that, then you know what the problem is.

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